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Employment Opportunity


Faculty of Academic & Career Preparation
Competition Number: 12-1022
Appointment Type: Regular Full-time
Start: As soon as possible
Workload: 35 hours per week
Employment Group: Admin 14
Position: 00284
Location: Nanaimo Campus
Duties: In a complex academic environment that delivers a variety of subject areas, the Dean is the senior administrator and Chair of the Faculty. The Dean is responsible for managing the academic, personnel, financial, and research activities of the Faculty in consultation with the departments and programs within the Faculty. The Dean provides leadership to the Faculty and support for those leading units within the Faculty. This includes creating and sustaining an innovative environment in which the mission, vision, and strategic priorities of the University are brought to life. As a member of the senior administrative team of the University, and as a member of the University Senate, the Dean is also expected to be a contributor to promoting the vision and mission of the University, as well as devising strategies to carry those out within the Faculty. The Dean provides leadership and oversight in teaching excellence, curriculum development and faculty development, and allocates resources to support institutional and Faculty goals. The Dean works collaboratively with the Faculty Chairs and faculty from all campuses, with University-wide governance bodies, and with the other Deans, Directors, and Vice-Presidents, and reports to the Provost and Vice-President Academic. Through formal and informal relationships, the Dean collaborates with Aboriginal community stakeholders, literacy agencies, and other community groups. The Dean also collaborates with VIU's regional campuses to meet students' program needs.

- Chairs and coordinates Faculty governance committees, including scheduling meetings, devising the agenda and keeping records of curricular and by-law decisions, and ensures that these make their way through institutional approval processes as required;
- Assists departments in curriculum and contract development, providing resource analysis and advice, as required;
- Has an understanding of student developmental theory as well as trends and issues in post-secondary education, specifically developmental;
- Collaborates with Deans and Directors of Development Education (a provincial body);
- Keeps the Faculty and departments advised of institutional directions and strategies which have an impact on departmental and Faculty planning;
- Keeps the Provost and other administrators advised of initiatives and interests of the Faculty which require coordination and support across the institution;
- Oversees strategic planning within the Faculty, produces and updates the Faculty strategic plan and other planning documents on a regular basis;
- Plays a key role in mentoring faculty, staff, and Chairs/Coordinators with respect to institutional policies and procedures, Faculty and departmental governance, research and teaching;
- Responsible for faculty and staff evaluations;
- Where necessary, design and implement performance improvement plans in accordance with contractual requirements;
- Plays a leadership role in Program Reviews and the assessment of program outcomes;
- Mobilizes resources so the vision can be actualized within the context of the Academic Plan;
- Serves on a variety of administrative standing and ad hoc committees, including the Provost Council and President's Council;
- Responsible for providing input on contract negotiations and serving, when requested, on contract negotiating committees;
  - Serves as a member of the University Senate and, from time to time, on its standing committees as requested by the Senior Management Group or the Senate;
- Monitors enrolment and retention of students within the Faculty and devises, in consultation with faculty and the Office of Enrolment Management, strategies for managing and enhancing both;
- Is responsible for budget planning and distribution of resources within the Faculty, including equipment, staffing, and facilities;
- In consultation with department Chairs, is annually responsible for approval of workload allocations;
- Is familiar with relevant systems and programs directed by the provincial or federal government;
- Is familiar with all relevant collective agreements governing personnel within the Faculty; the Dean is responsible for administering those collective agreements within the Faculty;
- Is familiar with all policies and procedures governing activities within the Faculty and is responsible for ensuring that activities are compliant with institutional policies and procedures;
- Works with a variety of Directors, including the Director of Development, to obtain grants and outside monies to meet personnel and special equipment and program needs;
- Collaborates with the Office of Aboriginal Education to promote and support Aboriginal initiatives;
- Works with Aboriginal communities and students to promote Aboriginal student achievements;
- Works with Department Chairs/Coordinators and service Directors (Facilities, IT, for example) overseeing Faculty departments to address space and technology needs;
- Initiates, develops, writes proposals, monitors, and implements Faculty fund-raising and marketing plans, and provides insight and advice on institutional recruitment and marketing;
- Monitors staff and faculty succession needs in the Faculty, and is responsible for managing all hiring within the Faculty in accordance with university policies and procedures as well as collective agreements, and Chairing those committees as required;
- Serves on senior administrative hiring committees as requested;
- Develops and implements a staffing plan for the Faculty and the departments that balances resources, needs, opportunities, and limitations to advance the mission, goals, and strategic plan of the University;
- Promotes academic development of faculty;
- Plays a key role in mediation and conflict-resolution among faculty, staff, and students, as required;
- Responsible for addressing student complaints, and administering the Student Academic Code of Conduct in collaboration with the appropriate authorities in Student Services;
- Participates in Convocation Ceremonies;
- Develops and pursues professional development.
Required Qualifications: - For most instructional Faculties, earned terminal degree and academic experience to qualify to teach in one of the departments in the Faculty; demonstrated skills and experience in the management of personnel, fiscal resources, and curriculum development.
- Previous experience should include significant administrative leadership as a Department Chair (or equivalent) or above.
- Demonstrated excellence in teaching and scholarship.
- Experience and ability to interact with a diverse population.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills required, and the ability to foster relationships with students, faculty, staff and others.
- An outstanding higher education administrator with extensive experience in academic leadership, curriculum development, effective personnel management, and fund raising.
Please Submit: CV/Resume
Cover Letter
Name and contact information for 3 people willing to provide a professional reference

Short-listed candidates must provide original transcripts, or applicable original certifications at time of interview.
Posting Period: November 01, 2012 - November 28, 2012
Note: Vancouver Island University regrets that only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

Vancouver Island University embraces the principle of employment equity and encourages applications from women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and people of Aboriginal descent.