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Now accepting applications for January 2014 (Online) and September, 2014 (Face-to-Face)

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GoGeomatics Special Edition on GIS Education in Canada

This special edition of GoGeomatics focuses on educational programs at different institutions across Canada.

Master’s of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications Moving Forward

The proposal for the new Master’s of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications (MGISA) has now moved into the second stage of development, having been reviewed by the Provost Council and Planning and Priorities Committee.

The program is an Applied Master’s Program, which will be closely tied to the existing Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications program, and will be open to students who have completed at least a Bachelor’s program.

If approved, the second (thesis) year is expected to have its first intake of students starting in September, 2015.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Michael Govorov

Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications Program



Program Overview

The Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications provides skills training in geographic information systems (GIS) to university and college graduates who wish to strengthen their employment opportunities in GIS applications – an area that is in high demand around the world.

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Program Options

Students have the option of taking the ADGISA Program either face-to-face or online. The face-to-face is an intensive, 8 month program where students have the opportunity to interact with instructors and colleagues in a classroom setting and engage in a work-study practicum. The online version extends over a 16 month period and has been designed for those people who prefer the convenience of online classes, or who are unable to relocate to Nanaimo, British Columbia for the face-to-face option. ADGISA Face-To-Face begins in September and ADGISA Online begins in January.

GIS Skills Acquisition

In both options, students learn how to use GIS as a spatial information and problem-solving tool in addressing real-world issues or problems. The face-to-face program has a 9 credit work-study practicum; the online version includes course work with a number of GIS project assignments. The range of GIS skills acquired in each version of the ADGISA program are the same – a skill set where graduates are well positioned to secure full-time employment in the field of GIS.

GIS Software and Program Materials

We use ArcGIS by ESRI, the world's most popular GIS software package, in our program. Published materials and instructional courseware packages provide support for some of the courses. A select number of course modules, available through ESRI’s Virtual Campus, are incorporated into the delivery of specific courses. Use of these modules enables students and instructors to keep pace with changes in the world’s most popular GIS package – ArcGIS.