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Welcome to the CUPE Training & Development page!

If you are interested in doing professional development activities, please contact the CUPE Training & Development Office at local 6199, make an appointment using the Outlook calendar, or come into the office in B 373, R 120 (temporarily relocated to R 225).

CUPE T&D opportunities can be used to help fund workshops, conferences, seminars, and courses or programs offered at VIU and elsewhere.

CUPE 2013/14 Annual Report


We are continually working to make our website and the application processes more friendly and easier to use. Please email to send us your comments and suggestions.

CUPE T&D Flyer Courses

Spring 2014 Flyer

Professional Development & Training courses run by VIU can be found on the VIU website. CUPE T&D selects courses from this area for our CUPE Flyer, to enable CUPE staff to take one course per flyer for free. If you find a course on the flyer you wish to take (click on the link above to review), please apply through the professional development fund online application (FORMS). Select VIU, then CUPE Flyer, and follow the instructions.

If the course is a credit course it may also be eligible for a VIU Tuition Waiver, which means you don't have to use your CUPE training funds, thus saving your CUPE T&D funds for other training opportunities. Call 1-866-734-6252 for more information about using tuition waivers.

If you are unsure whether the course may be available either under T&D funding or VIU funding, or whether it falls within T&D guidelines, please contact the CUPE T&D Assistant for further information and/or complete the application form, and your request will be reviewed.

Note: Flyer courses are over and above the annual individual allocation amount of $1,500.

Online Application Form

CUPE Training & Development Committee's online application system is available to process your applications for funding. To apply, follow the instructions on the How to Apply page or access the form on the Forms tab.

To review your current T&D applications, use the Review Request Status tab in the application database.

Thank you to our Information Systems staff for creating this program for us!

CUPE T&D Learning Series

The CUPE Training & Development Committee regularly holds lunch-time workshops including a series on Job Search Skills. For more information on these workshops, or if you have suggestions for future workshops, please contact the CUPE T&D Assistant.

The Job Search Skills workshop series includes sessions in planning and writing your resume and cover letters for job applications, developing a Work Portfolio and why it's important to have one when you are seeking a new position, and honing your skills for the interview.

For further details on these workshops, contact our office at 740-6199.

Office Hours

Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. The CUPE T&D Office is located in Building 373 (Centre for Shellfish Research), Room 120 (temporarily relocated to R 225). The CUPE T&D Assistant, Trish Smith, can be contacted by email:, by phone at local 6199, or in person during office hours (call first!), to answer any of your questions. The Training & Development Committee can also be contacted at the email address below. Check the Committee Tab for other members who can be contacted individually.

Committee email address

The CUPE Training & Development committee's mailbox is: All questions or queries to the committee can be submitted using this address.


The Coaching Program is separate from the individual $1,500 available from the CUPE Training and Development fund. Please contact the T&D office for more information on Coaching and how it can benefit you. An Information Session about the 2014/15 Coaching Program will be held on Wed, June 25 from 12-1 in B250/R402.

Coaching Program Information

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