An English Major and Minor are Offered

The department offers undergraduate course work at three levels: 100 (introductory), 200 (survey/national literature/genre), and 300-400 (advanced).

Although courses numbered 300 and 400 may be taken by either third- or fourth-year students (except for ENGL 490, Special Project), the department distinguishes between 300-level courses as more traditional, broad-based courses, and 400-level courses as more experimental and focused courses.

All English courses require that students write supervised examinations and demonstrate the ability to meet the department’s requirements.

Note: the English Department considers a minimum “C+” average in first- and second-year courses to be a reasonable foundation for success in upper-level English courses.


Requirements for a Major

Students must fulfill all the Institutional B. A. degree requirements, including courses listed below:

Years 1 and 2:

  • Any two of ENGL 115125 or 135 with a min. “C” in each;
    Note: The English department recommends that English majors take ENGL 125 and135.
  • ENGL 200 and 201;
  • 6 additional credits of 200-level English Literature, at least three of which cover national literature other than British (usually chosen from ENGL 205206207,211212 and 214).

Years 3 and 4:  

Minimum of 30 credits of English courses numbered 300 or above, with a minimum GPA of 3 (“C”), including:

Note:  the English department also recommends a course in Canadian Literature (ENGL 450451452) and a course with a cross/multicultural focus (ENGL 405406407).

Note:  ENGL 490, a 3-credit special project course, is recommended for students planning graduate studies.

Note:  ENGL 316318, 415, and 416 time-frame and nationality can vary from semester to semester.  Consequently, these courses may meet period coverage requirements.  Also, these courses can sometimes be taken more than once if content is different.  Check the department description or consult the Chair.


Requirements for a Minor

Students must fulfill all the Institutional B. A. degree requirements, including courses listed below:

Years 1 and 2:

Note: An additional 3-credit 200-level course is strongly recommended.

Years 3 and 4:

Minimum of 18 credits of English courses numbered 300 or above, including:

Note: the English department also recommends ENGL 315 and a course in Literary Theory/Practical Criticism (ENGL 300310320321480).

Note: A minimum GPA of 3 (“C”) in all upper-level English courses is required for the minor.


Calendar Description of Courses

For generic descriptions of all English courses, please consult the online Calendar.

Recommended Electives

Disciplines that complement English are Art, Creative Writing, Film Studies, Liberal Studies, Linguistics, Media Studies, History, Philosophy, and Women’s Studies. Students should consult with Advisors and the English department on appropriate electives.


English Major or Minor with the B. Ed.

For information on admission to this program, please contact the Education Advising Office             250-740-6223      . The departmental upper-level requirements for English majors and minors are the same as those listed above.