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Capital Planning


In keeping with its dedication to excellence in teaching and learning, service and research, Vancouver Island University (VIU) is committed to providing exceptional campus facilities that respond appropriately to the needs of all students, staff, faculty, administration and other partners.

Campus Master Plan

The Nanaimo Campus Master Plan has been recognized by the Society for College and University Planning. Learn more.


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The Nanaimo Campus Master Plan (CMP) is a comprehensive plan for all of VIU’s physical development – and how to do so in a sustainable manner to achieve our goal of being carbon neutral.  On January 22, 2009, the Vancouver Island University Board of Governors adopted the first edition of the Nanaimo CMP.

The Nanaimo CMP identifies the most productive and responsible use of campus land, establishes a rational and meaningful physical context for all future facilities, and provides a set of strategies to guide all future development.  Along with many other roles, the plan itself functions as a mechanism to address synergistic and incremental growth in a manner that is institutionally, socially, fiscally, operationally and environmentally sustainable.  The Nanaimo CMP outlines thirty-eight fundamental strategies for managing growth and change, and includes three-phase implementation plan for the development of capital projects.

Five-Year Capital Plan

Vancouver Island University's Five-Year Capital Plan describes the development of the campus in accordance with Phase 1 of the Nanaimo CMP .


The plan's focus is to increase accessibility and productivity of the university and to renew expired facilities.

The Five-Year Plan also reflects ministry priorities of fiscal and environmental sustainability, as well as enhanced facilities for science, applied science, vocational, health and technology programs.

The VIU Board of Governors has adopted the 2015/16 - 2019/20 Five-Year Capital Plan.

VIU's capital projects for the next five years [fiscal 2015/16-2019/20] include a total expenditure of $344.9M: $321.2M in buildings, and $23.7M in campus infrastructure, and is comprised of the planning and development of the following projects:

  1. Health & Science Centre ~ 2014 
  2. Information Technology Upgrades ~ 2014
  3. Sport, Health & Wellness Centre (Gym) ~ 2015 
  4. Cowichan Trades Education Centre ~ 2016
  5. Aboriginal Gathering Place Phase 2 ~ 2016
  6. University Centre ~ 2016
  7. Welding Shop~ 2018
  8. Faculty of Management Addition ~ 2018
  9. Arts Centre ~ 2018
  10. Automotive/Marine ~ 2017


Last updated May 2014