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Facility Information

Plans & Statistics

Thumbnail - Basic Floor Plans

Site & Floor Plans

Simple but current plans including:

1. Campus Site Plans

2. Facility Floor Plans


Archived Construction Drawings

Detailed working drawings of all construction / reno's.

1. Select appropriate Campus.

2. Select appropriate Building.

3. Select the "View " link beside Construction Information.

Campus Area Summary - Thumbnail

Area Summaries


By Campus: Select Campus from drop-down box & scroll to bottom of the list for campus totals.


By Building: Select individual building from campus list above by clicking on building number (link).


Highlights & Photos

Campus Highlights - Thumbnail

Nanaimo Campus Highlights


Includes information such as: campus area, elevations, number of buildings / stairs etc.

Building Photos - Thumbnail

Photo Gallery


Collection of miscellaneous aerial photos & building photos of the Nanaimo Campus.

Building Highlights Building Highlights (unique features) (under development)
Building Development Icon Building Development History (under development)