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Space Allocation Group

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To establish procedures and processes for planning, assigning, reassigning, and reporting space usage.  Based on the information provided, the committee will approve a request; defer a request until further information is obtained; or will forward a recommendation to the Senior Management Group for review and approval.

Policy Statement

All space under University control is to be assigned and used for the highest priority needs of the University as a whole.  Departments and activities may be assigned space for use, but all space belongs to the University, not a particular group, school, department, or activity and is subject to reassignment.

The role of the Space Allocation Group is as follows:

  • Identify space needs as outlined above
  • Set priorities for  space allocation
  • Ensure the space inventory is current
  • Incorporate the space allocation process into the planning cycle taking into account budget considerations, hiring of faculty and staff, and new program development
  • Clearly communicate the decisions of the committee to the appropriate parties
  • Review the office space utilization reports and ministry space utilization reports
  • Review and make recommendations for appropriate space standards  and make recommendations for improved utilization
  • Provide updates to the Executive and Management Committees
  • If the committee is unable to resolve an issue it will be referred to the Senior Management Group for a decision


Requests for assignment of new or additional space would be submitted using the Space Request Form. This form will provide the committee members with the necessary information in order to recommend a course of action.

The requests will be reviewed at the next available committee meeting.  If additional information is required to make an informed decision, the Space Request Form will be discussed with the appropriate personnel.  If a request requires a physical modification a copy of the form needs to be sent to Facilities, IT, Health & Safety Services (and any other appropriate person/s) for review and comment.

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FlowChart for New Degree

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FlowChart for Program Change

Meeting Schedule and Submission Deadlines

All documents must be submitted to Christine Goddu to be considered for the next meeting of the committee.

If there is an emergency request please contact Christine directly, either by email or phone (Local 6507).

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