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Service Requests

Please Note: Internet Explorer web browser is required to submit all service request forms.

1. Work Order Request

To request general maintenance or small improvements (such as hanging pictures or installing shelves), please submit a Work Order Request. Please note, certain types of work will be charged-back to your department.

Click here for the definition of a chargeable service .

Click here for the definition of general maintenance.

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2. Project Request

To request a new project, please complete a Project Request. A project request is necessary for larger pieces of work that include multiple tasks (normally $2,000+). These are capital upgrades such as: renovations, furniture reconfigurations, changes to electrical / mechanical systems, new flooring, fixtures etc. This link will open an email form in MS Outlook; instructions are included therein.

Renovation Project Request

3. Confidential Shredding Pick-up Request

Please complete the Material Handling Form to request pick up of paper to be shredded. Contact Shipping/Receiving for open order shredding pick ups.

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4. Fleet Vehicle Request

Please complete the online Fleet Vehicle Request Form located under Fleet Vehicles under Guide to Services.


5. Heating & Cooling Problem

Please complete this online form to report a heating or cooling problem in your area.

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6. Janitorial Request

Please complete the Janitorial Request Form for general janitorial requests.

ADDITIONAL BULK RECYCLING PICK-UP - please submit a Material Handling Form to request pick up.

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7. Key / Card Access Request

Employees needing keys and/or card access are required to submit separate online requests

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KEY and ACCESS CARD Charge backs
Prices subject to change without notice : UPDATED JANUARY 2008
Staff ID/ACCESS Card (obtain through the Photo ID centre) NO CHARGE
FOB (new and replacement) $20.00
Key cutting first key NO CHARGE
Lock cyclinder change (due to lost keys) $35.00

Keying Floor Plans


8. Move and Material Handling Request

Please complete the Material Handling Form. If additional information is required, Facilities Services will contact you. Please note that if a computer move is required, please fill out a Work Order Request.

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Material Handling requests are used for:

  • Moving boxes or furniture;
  • Supply of any available surplus furniture from storage;
  • Pick up shredding/destruction of confidential documents;
  • Rental of tent tops for special events;
  • Ordering of official letterhead;
  • Ordering of exam booklets.

A minimum of 72 hours advance notice is required to effectively handle request; please allow more time for special or department moves.

Charges are made against the cost centre for staff time or lost / damaged goods (e.g. boxes, tent tops).

Telephone Service Requests must be submitted by Area Secretaries for all telephone moves.

Computer moves must be coordinated with Information Technology or local 6300.

Unreturned boxes $3.75 a box
Unreturned tape dispensers $25 per unit
Rolls of tape $2.25 a roll

$8 a box

$13 a bin

Tent tops (10 X 10)


$20 a day per tent

$30 a day per tent

Exam booklets

$65.00 a box of 250 booklets



Official letterhead

$43.30 - 500 sheets

$10.00 - 100 sheets

Arbour (Set-up/Taken Down)(MHRF currently being updated) $60.00

9. Sign Request

New-style signs (as shown adjacent to the right) are the VIU standard.
Old-style signs are available only where necessary to integrate with existing facilities.


Click here, or on adjacent images to order.

Sign Request - Link


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