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VIU Mobility Task Force

Vision Statement

VIU supports affordable, efficient, equitable, and environmentally responsible ways to travel to, from, and within the University for students, employees, and community members, and integrates with the surrounding communities.

In response to the high demand for transportation improvements for VIU’s Nanaimo Campus, VIU has reviewed the Nanaimo Campus transportation systems and a “made-at-VIU” preliminary plan to address challenges in commuting to the campus has been crafted.

The VIU Mobility Task Force, a working group of volunteers representing all of our key stakeholders – students, employee groups, the City of Nanaimo, the Regional District of Nanaimo and School District 68 – met a number of times between April and mid-June 2018 to review suggestions made at a transportation world cafe and information gathered over the year to come up with some recommended solutions.

All suggestions put forward during the world café event and in a review of the Nanaimo Campus Transportation Demand Report have been carefully considered and assessed using the Academic Plan, the Campus Master Plan and the VIU Mobility Task Force’s vision statement.

To explore further, view the list of recommendations.

This list is just the beginning of this work. The Mobility Task Force has recommended a committee be established, which will meet twice a year starting in fall 2018 to review progress on recommendations and promote communication on issues. The Task Force also recommended that VIU host an annual Mobility at VIU World Café every year to continue dialogue on this important issue.

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July 12, 2018