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Bursary applications will be available in our "Applications" section, approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the deadline date. Mail or take completed bursary applications to the Financial Aid & Awards Office by the specified deadline dates.

Bursaries will be selected based on minimum course load requirements, grade point average requirements, specific donor criteria and information provided on the application form. The value of some bursaries may vary dependent on investment returns.

Section I

The application for the following Tuition Bursary will be available on-line in our "Applications" section in September each year. Deadline to apply:  October 31st. (Note: If the 31st falls on a weekend or holiday, the preceding Friday will become the deadline)

Vancouver Island University Tuition Bursary Program

The Vancouver Island University Tuition Bursary program has been established through institutional means to provide tuition relief for students with the greatest financial need attending this institution. Tuition bursary amounts are $400* for single students with no children, and $600* for students with children. Please note, first consideration will be given to students receiving government student loan funding for the current academic year, from any Province within Canada. Students not receiving student loans must demonstrate financial need through recent pay stubs, T4 slips, or an income tax assessment. Funds will be applied directly to tuition fees for the spring semester. In allocating bursaries and determining the amounts, grade point average (GPA) will be considered. Refer to the Vancouver Island University Tuition Bursary application form for further information on eligibility requirements. *(amounts may vary dependant upon funds available, and number of applications received)

Vancouver Island University Foundation

The Vancouver Island University Foundation is a registered non-profit society made up of community volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to raise funds for Vancouver Island University and its students.

For information on how to contribute to the VIU Foundation, please contact:


Vancouver Island University

Advancement & Alumni Office

900 Fifth Street, Building 310

Nanaimo, BC V9R 5S5


Phone: 250-740-6216