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Newsletters and Subscriptions

VIU offers a free subscription to all VIU employees for the following two teaching and learning newsletters. Please contact teachlearn at viu dot ca for an authorization code.

The Teaching Professor (Website Information)
Online Classroom (Website Information)

If you have not set up your FREE VIU account with the Teaching Professor and Online Classroom Newsletters, follow steps below to access your free 2013 account.

Create a New Account
1. Go to

2. Select “Create a new account”, complete all fields under “Required information” and click Create Account (tip: use your VIU email as your username), a link will be sent to you to verify account

3. Open the email used to register your account and click the link to complete your registratio

4. Enter your email or username and password and select Login

5. Select the “Group Subscriptions” tab at the top of the page

6. In the red box, enter the authorization code: (please email "teachlearn at viu dot ca" for the access code)

7. Select Activate to access the subscription

8. Check under “Manage Email” that you have the boxes check off for an email ALERT to be mailed to you when a new newsletter is available.

Please note: entering the authorization code is done only once. Hereafter, you will access the subscription by logging in using your email address and password.

Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) Institutional Membership

Website Information

Member Benefits

  • Savings on Individual Memberships in STLHE—Our Institutional Memberships allow an unlimited number of individuals from your college or university to join the Society at a discounted rate!
  • STLHE Publications—Every member institution will receive:
    • the STLHE Newsletter—Teaching and Learning in Higher Education—published bi-annually
    • one set of all STLHE Green Guides, our practical monographs on timely teaching issues, with any new membership
    • upon renewal, one copy of any new publication sponsored by the Society during the membership year
  • access to our online networking guide linking you to colleagues across Canada and around the world.
  • 20% Discount from Magna Publications—Magna Publications recently became the sponsor of the Christopher Knapper Lifetime Achievement Award. Membership in the Society now includes a 20% a discount on The Teaching Professor as well as other select subscriptions and online seminars. Please visit Magna's website for more information.
  • Recognition—We will recognize Institutional Members at our annual Conference and on the Conference programme. Your institution's name will appear on the STLHE website, and you will have the right to use the STLHE logo on your own web site and publications to highlight your dedication to excellence in teaching and learning in higher education!