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Moodle Resources

Moodle is Vancouver Island University's outgoing Learning Management System. It is used for producing web-based courses used for both fully online courses as well as a supplement for face-to-face courses (blended learning). It will be discontinued as of May 2013.

We have gathered a variety of resources together for you to assist with the development of your courses for the last term Moodle will serve as a LMS (January - April 2013).

Request a Moodle Course

  • To request a Moodle course (new or based on an existing course) click here: Request a Moodle Course. We will create the course shell for you and contact you once it is ready for you to build your course.

Creating Quizzes in Moodle

How-To Instructions

Design and Navigation

File Management

Adding Resources and Activities

Additional Resources

  • - The online manual for Moodle. Here you can find great Moodle documentation as well as support forums that will answer almost any Moodle question you have. Specific tools in that are very helpful include:
    • Moodle Docs:
    • At any time, use the 'Search' function in the top right of the website to search for the answers to your questions.