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Faculty-Student Engagement

Vancouver Island University is committed to preserving and enhancing a supportive learning environment for our students, of which high-quality faculty-student engagement is a hallmark.

The goal of the Faculty-Student Engagement working group is to identify our strengths in teaching which preserve the historical commitment to faculty-student engagement. High-quality faculty-student engagement should continue to be a hallmark of VIU. In order to preserve such engagement, the working group will review the meaning of faculty-student engagement and identify those aspects of the learning experience and environment that enable it to occur.

In addition, with the aim of strengthening existing practices, this group will attempt to identify key factors that contribute to meaningful faculty-student engagement, with the recognition that many paths may lead to the same end.

The Faculty-Student Engagement working group will explore this issue through the gathering of input from faculty, staff and students, a review of existing practices at VIU and other institutions, and examination of best practices.

Ultimately VIU’s goal is to provide students with the highest quality faculty-student engagement possible to help ensure students continue on their educational path and are successful in achieving their goals.