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SSL @ VIU: Action Framework

Part C- Summary Report and Action Framework

By the end of the academic year, the Community Engagement and Professional Development Program events will have generated a collated Summary Report of evidence about what helps in students being successful in their learning at VIU, along with recommendations for enhancements in supporting students. 

This report will include details and directions that hopefully will inform and enhance core activities, plans and initiatives at VIU such as the following:

  • Summative Assessment Process - Results of the initiative can help inform all programs as they undertake next round of Summative Assessment Process
  • Program Review Process  - Results can help in completing self-study for the program
  • Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning Plan – Results will inform the Centre’s offering, core offerings and topics for supporting faculty
  • Learning Matters Site (digital learning commons web environment) – Results will inform Phase 2 and Phase 3 development of this student resource
  • How non-academic areas of VIU impact successful student learning – Results will hopefully demonstrate the role everyone plays at VIU in supporting successful student learning
  • How the broader VIU Community (e.g., city of Nanaimo, Duncan, Powell River and Vancouver Island) impacts successful student learning and the interconnectedness of the non-academic community with VIU
  • Council for Learning and Teaching Excellence – Results could form the Action Group topics in future years for exploration and initiatives