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SSL @ VIU: Community Engagement Sessions

Part B: VIU Community Engagement

A process of VIU community consultation will address a question designed to define successful student learning at VIU.  The process is outlined below and will include input from faculty, staff and students from across academic and service areas.

Process of Community Engagement

  • Form Successful Student Learning @ VIU Working Group.  The working group will be formed at the request of the Provost and Vice-President Academic as a project of focus for the 2014-15 academic year.
  • Committee will meet and develop the question to be posed to the university community.  Some possible question options are:
    • What helps students learn @ VIU?
    • What does successful student learning look like at VIU?
    • What helps students be successful @ VIU?
    • What is successful student learning?
  • From October through to the end of February, committee teams will attend meetings and collect feedback from the VIU community. Department meetings and online solicitation will happen from October 20 – February 20.
  • Four campus-wide community feedback sessions held each semester to collect input. (October 20-24 period; November 17-21; January 19-23 and February 16-20)
  • To ensure student engagement, classroom sessions (as appropriate), cafeteria and library “kiosks” will be set up at varying intervals. (October 27- 31 and January 26-30)
  • Once individual submissions have been received, all submissions will be collated, themes identified and a final report produced.
  • The final report will be distributed across campus—through Senate, Faculties, Administrative and Service areas.
  • Recommendations for action will be included in a final report and possibilities for implementation found in the Action Framework in Part C.
  • Presentations to the VIU community will follow.

While this activity focuses on the question of successful student learning, future investigations could explore “What helps employees Learn?”, or “What helps the VIU community Learn?”