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Successful Student Learning @ VIU Initiative- Overview

Through the Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic, VIU is engaged in a year-long project to create a portrait of student learning as described by the VIU community.  The Successful Student Learning @ VIU initiative arises from a desire to more fully support the achievement of the objectives related to student learning, engagement and success identified in both the Academic Plan and the Enrolment Management Plan and more broadly in processes and activities arising from them. It is important that the VIU community broadly considers what successful student learning means to us as there are multiple ways to define this success and without a shared description, the pursuit of individually defined goals results in diffused and ineffective effort toward achieving the intended objectives laid out in these plans.

The project is made up of two primary components: (1) professional development/learning sessions and (2) community engagement activities aimed at a series of intentions.  The professional development and learning sessions provide community members with the opportunity to learn about and explore what successful student learning means through a year-long series of topics presented in a variety of formats.  In addition, the professional development sessions will allow the institution to offer opportunities for learning about core concepts and features of successful student learning environments from external people such as, experienced speakers, local experts and also hear from our students.

An essential outcome of this project is the development of a VIU portrait of successful student learning that incorporates the individual contributions of the university community in a final report with recommendations for future action.  A significant goal is to identify not only the components involved in successful student learning but also to consider how components and/or measurement of these components may be included in institutional processes such as program review and summative assessment among others.  Determining methods of measuring outcomes beyond the standard measures of success such as graduation, retention and employability rates that is reflective of learning as a process will be an important challenge to be addressed.