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SSL @ VIU: Professional Development and Learning Sessions

Part A: Professional Development and Learning Sessions for All Employees, Students and Local Community

Throughout the academic year (September 2014 – May 2015) a series of professional development and learning session offerings will be offered for all employees, students and local community members in the hopes of learning more about more about what academic and non-academic components aid in supporting successful student learning.

Digital Learning Commons Kick-Off + Engagement:(mid-September during Frosh Week), host a booth and related advertising profiling the new digital learning commons (called “Learning Matters” at This kick-off will seek input on the digital commons from students, share the site and components with faculty, allow students, employees and faculty to make 30 second videos (Speaker’s Corner style) about what helps them learn. Throughout the year other small engagement activities will profile changes and obtain feedback.

Reading Club:(4 weeks in October/November + 4 weeks in January/February/early March) Engage faculty and students in a reading club around the book, “What the Best College Students Do” (Ken Bain, 2012). This 8 week reading club will examine the strategies that Ken Bain shares from interviewing successful students. Participants are given a copy of the book if they participate. The intent is to cover a chapter per week (8 chapters in book) on topics such as “Roots of Success, What Makes an Expert, Managing Yourself, Learning How to Embrace Failure, Messy Problems, Encouragement, Curiosity and Endless Education and Making Hard Choices.

Student Panel: (Mid-January) Students present in a panel format on the topic of “What Helps Us Learn?”

Symposium on Successful Student Learning:(Thursday, May 7, 2015) Host a one day symposium for all to attend (including students) on the topic of successful student learning. More details forthcoming by March.