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SSL @ VIU Working Group


Successful Student Learning @ VIU Working Group (SSL@VIU)

Meeting Times: late afternoons to accommodate schedules
Composition: Formed out of the Provost’s Office through Invitation

  • Provost and Vice-President Academic (David Witty)  -  Chair of Working Group
  • Vice-President Administration and Finance (Shelley Legin)
  • Senate Rep (Virginia McCarthy)
  • VIUSU Student Rep (Patrick Barbosa)
  • VIUFA Faculty Rep (Marni Stanley)
  • BCGEU Faculty Rep (Gordon Buzzard)
  • CUPE Rep (Deborah Hopper)
  • Dean (Ross MacKay, Faculty Arts and Humanities)
  • Human Resources Rep (Mark Webster)
  • Executive Director of Student Affairs (Carrie Chassels)
  • Director, Enrolment Management (Tina McComb)
  • Director, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning  (Liesel Knaack)

        SSL@VIU Working Group Terms of Reference:

  • Provide details and directions about how VIU’s institutional learning outcomes can be assessed across the campus community thereby providing examples of successful student learning (take the institutional learning outcomes and create the methods for determining if achieved and to what degree)
  • Assist in developing and designing activities throughout the year (Professional Development and Learning Sessions, Community Engagement Roll Out)
  • Report back on outcomes of the Community Engagement activities (collate findings, summarize evidence, provide suggestions on how best to report back to VIU Community) and produce a Summary Report
  • Suggest initiatives and activities as future action items  resulting from the evidence to move the initiative along into future years
  • Serve as the coordinators of all communication activities and outreach for all activities related to initiative