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Faculty Recruitment Expenses

The Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic manages the account that is utilized for reimbursement of travel expenses associated with recruitment for regular full-time or part-time faculty positions only.

Individuals arranging/approving travel on behalf of candidates must seek pre-approval for funding from the Provost Office prior to arranging the travel in order to ensure that adequate funding is available to reimburse everyone who applies.

All reasonable costs related to travel, accommodation, and meals will be paid for up to three candidates travelling to attend interviews.

To apply for pre-approval for expenses related to faculty recruitment, please email Rhonda McLaren with the following information:

  • Date(s) of interview(s)
  • Name(s) of candidate(s)
  • Total of estimated expenses that outlines travel, accommodation, meals, and any other reasonable expenses

The estimated expenses will be reviewed and, once approved, you will receive an email from the Provost Office.

Upon completion of interview(s), please complete and submit for each candidate an Employee Expense Claim Form with attached expense receipts to the Provost Office (Building 300, Room 104).

Please note that hospitality expenses will not be reimbursed from the Provost Office. These expenses should be paid by the decanal area.