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RSS News Feeds

VIU frequently updates events and news items, and we deliver this information on our Mainly Mal website as well as on our events webpage. You can also subscribe to our VIU news feeds to keep current and notified when new items have been published.

What is a news feed

A news feed is an announcement of updated web content, consisting of a news headline, summary, and date.  The news feed allows you to retrieve updates via a news aggregator at a single source, rather than visiting individual websites. 

What is a news aggregator?

A news aggregator organizes your selected news feeds from sources across the web to create your own customized newspaper.

What is RSS 2.0?

RSS 2.0 (Really Simple Syndication) is a popular news feed content format.  VIU’s news feeds are published in RSS 2.0 format.

How do I read a News Feed?

News aggregator software uses web feeds to retrieve web content from sites to which you've subscribed and displays them at your convenience.  This feature is useful if you regularly visit several web news sources, including "The VIU", and want a convenient ‘one stop’ source for information updates.

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