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About Us

The Writing Centre is open from Monday 8 September to 2 December .

Qualified and friendly faculty tutors are available to provide assistance with your writing. This is a free service. You can make an APPOINTMENT or DROP-IN without an appointment (at particular times).

LOCATION: Fourth Floor of the Library, Room 474.
Take the central staircase to the fourth floor (the one with all the books) and turn left.

CLICK HERE TO Book your appointment online

DROP-IN  without an appointment at the following times:

11.00am – 1.00pm Mon – Fri

Writing Boot Camp

A series of seminars/workshops run by the writing centre. VIU staff will offer their insight into aspects of academic writing. All welcome, on a first come, first served basis. In The Writing Centre (Library, 4th floor).

Mon 15 Sept 1.00pm Summary – Daniel Burgoyne shows how you can concisely explain what they meant.
Thursday 18 Sept 12.00 noon Reading Academic Articles – they are long and complex. John Hill will give you some tools to help make sense of them  more quickly.
Mon 22 Sept 1.00 pm Reporting Sources Daniel Burgoyne reveals how to use and  give credit to the sources you employ in your writing.
Tues 23 Sept 1.00pm. APA Style – The American Psychological Association has established a standard for academic writing used by several faculties in at VIU. Heather Sanrud will tell you what you need to know to meet that standard.
Tues 30 Sept 12.00 noon Paraphrasing not Plagiarism. Carolyn Swanson explains how to explain or paraphrase other sources in your own words without plagiarizing them.
Thurs 2 Oct 10.00 am Getting Started. Blank paper staring at you? James Atkinson shows how to get started and get writing.
Mon 6 Oct 2.30 pm Vocabulary Leslie Barclay. Vocabulary is a critical component of effective writing.   Knowing how to use and improve your use of words will significantly impact the quality of your writing.   This workshop will look at vocabulary self-assessment,   the academic word list,  and some tools and strategies to improve your vocabulary for academic writing.
Mon 3 Nov2.30pm Digital Tools Leslie Barclay. There are many digital tools available to make writing easier and better.    This workshop will provide an overview of these taking into consideration both PC and mobile digital platforms.  If you have a tablet or notebook computer,  please bring it.
Thur 16 October12.00 noon From Research Question to Thesis Statement. You need to know what you are writing for, and so does your reader. John Hill will help you get to grips with the “thesis statement” so beloved of profs.
Tues 21 Oct 12.00 noon Analytic Essays  Carolyn Swanson explains how to defend a position with                        reasons on a controversial topic.
Thurs 30 Oct 12.00 “There’s No Article on My Research Topic”: Helping You Through a Literature Review.” Of course there is something on your topic. Learn how to find it with Cameron Hoffman.