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About ElderCollege Instructors

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BILL ADKINS taught computer courses in Winnipeg high schools where he worked as a teacher-librarian. He has been involved with computers since the first Apple II Plus. He is currently webmaster for the Qualicum Beach Seniors’ Activity Centre and President of the Qualicum Beach Residents’ Association.

WAHID ALI has been a Financial Planner and Retirement Specialist for twenty-five years, and specializes in Estate Planning, Wealth Succession and Financial Planning.

DAVID ALIAGA has a BA (Anthropology) and an MA (Interdisciplinary Studies) from the University of Calgary. He has conducted migration field research among migrants in Italy and Canada, and enjoys teaching anthropology, sociology and Latin American studies.

SHANE ANDRE, now retired after teaching philosophy for 30 years at the university level, hopes to share with fellow seniors his interest in the “big questions” that seem to be an inescapable part of human life.

CHRIS ARONSON first met English grammar in high school Latin class, then again studying Spanish at university. He went on to study Philosophy of Language and Linguistics. He has taught grammar to ESL students at VIU and in Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

BRAIN ATKINSON an architect by profession, has played bridge throughout the world: under a hanging car headlamp while bombs dropped overhead in Iraq; in the rain forests of Costa Rica; and beside the Mekong River in Laos, amongst other places.

DALE BENT has a long-standing interest in the environment. He helped found Global Action Plan Canada, has been President of Global Action Plan, London, a member of the David Suzuki Foundation, and a board member of Georgia Strait Alliance.

PENNY BENT is a retired lawyer who started her genealogical research 15 years ago, and is on the executive of the Nanaimo Family History Society. She is fascinated by the history and social background of her ancestors.

MARVA BLACKMORE has told stories internationally and at venues across Canada including the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. She belongs to the Storytellers of Canada and has delivered storytelling workshops at the beginner and master levels.

BRETT BOWEN attended the University of Calgary for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. Upon graduation he began work with the Calgary Board of Education as (primarily) a teacher of Social Studies, Humanities, and History.

TERRI BOWEN (B.Ed., MA, Master Graphologist), a recently retired principal of a Fine Arts school in Calgary, is a threetime Grand Aggregate Arts Award winner from our local Lighthouse Country. She works in many mediums and formats, including mural painting.

ALANA BUCHANAN is a Registered Animal Health Technologist. She is self-employed in fields of education, wildlife recovery, and small animal health care. Alana has a keen interest in helping companion animals live their lives to the fullest.

RON CHILDS, lectured in organic and industrial chemistry at McMaster University, where he ran a large research group. During his time as Vice-President for Research at the University, the McMaster Nuclear Reactor team reported to him.

PAUL COLVER, a former teacher, business owner and management consultant, has studied Ayurveda since 1981 and has taken courses from some of the leading proponents of Ayurveda in North America.

CPL. GARRY COX is a 29-year member of the RCMP. He is a recognized facilitator in crime and safety initiatives that provide the public with tools to avoid becoming victims of crime.

JOHN EDWARDS has six academic degrees and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. He is interested in Comparative Literature, Shakespearean Studies, Classical Philosophy and translating the Latin authors Apicius and Juvenal. Non-academic interests include farming and marathon running.

GREG FRASER received a BA from the University of Victoria and an MA from the University of San Diego. His major areas of expertise are World History, Canadian History and First Nations Studies.

MARLEEN GUFFENS is a qualified teacher and lecturer with international experience in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East.

DAVID HOBSON is passionate about history and has degrees in History and German from the University of Victoria and UCLA. He has taught at numerous institutions in BC including UVic, Camosun College and VIU ElderCollege.

SUSAN HONG is a communications consultant who manages projects, writes, facilitates various workshops and is happy to perform as a technical assistant in Tom’s E-book workshop.

JOHN HOSSACK has practiced law in the Nanaimo and Oceanside area for 34 years. His preferred fields of practice relate to Estate Planning and Probate. He also lectures in the continuing education program of the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers.

STUART KIRK has been in the financial services industry for 20 years and is a retirement planning specialist with Precision Wealth Management in Parksville. He writes a weekly column, “Where It Counts,” for the PQB News.

ROGER KIMMERLEY has been a psychologist, a lawyer, and an acupuncturist. He was one of the youngest judges in Canada, appointed at age thirty. As an instructor, he aims to encourage new perspectives and promote creativity through discussion.

ELIZABETH MARSLAND, although well versed in literary studies, has a preference for non-fiction. The Parksville section of the Non- Fiction Book Club is now in its fourth year., published in 1991, was reissued in 2011.

ELIZABETH MARSLAND has a long-standing interest in folk literature, with particular emphasis on the mode of transmission and on ghost stories. She has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta.

PAUL MCDOWELL has been a Financial Advisor for twenty years, and specializes in Risk Management and Investment Strategies to provide Income for seniors and retirees.

RUSSELL MCNEIL, PhD, trained in physics. Russell is a veteran of VIU’s Liberal Studies Program and has taught for VIU ElderCollege for several years. He has written on Stoicism and remains active in the community as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

GARVIN MOLES is a retired teacher who authored a number of textbooks for BC schools. He is interested in the history of ideas and enjoys sharing this interest.

KEITH NEWINGTON spent all his working life in education as a teacher and a principal. For 45 of those years, photography has been his hobby and art form, and the scenic beauty of BC provides ample inspiration.

SANDRA PETRIE has a teaching background in early learning in both private and public schools in Scotland and Canada. She is a student of learning who feels that all that happens in life teaches us something.

DAVID PRUD’HOMME has a PhD in Slavic Linguistics as well as a keen interest in the natural world, the sciences, and languages. He is a past president of the Edmonton Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

WALLY ROTH considers himself to be a serious amateur photographer. He has taken photos most of his life but took up photography as a hobby in 1996.

MAYTA RYN has a BA in Geography with a minor in English, and spent 32 years teaching 35 courses to secondary school students in Nanaimo and Ladysmith. She is a passionate reader and a seasoned traveller.

TIM SCHEWE is a retired RCMP constable with 25 years of service, including 20 in traffic enforcement and 10 as a technical collision investigator.

TOM THORNTON was born in the United Kingdom and has had a varied career in mechanical engineering, marketing, and as an entrepreneur. He is now retired, and has published an E-book, Looking Back Down The Lane.

ANNE TOBY received her PhD in Genetics from Simon Fraser University. Initially a research scientist, she became Coordinator of Co-operative Education in the Faculty of Science at SFU. Her other career passion is teaching science to lay people.

DEBORAH VAN DER GOES is an Anglican priest whose background includes medical social work and hospital chaplaincy training. Over the past 30 years she has walked with many a family and individuals along the path of mourning.

SANDRA WALKER has a PhD in English from the University of Toronto and taught mature students at York University’s Atkinson College for twenty years. She enjoys exploring with like-minded people whatever literary subject strikes her fancy.