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Vancouver Island University -- Additional Guidelines for Reimbursement of Travel and Other Expenses

(For full details, refer to: Policy 42.08 Reimbursement of Travel and Other Expenses)


Original receipts must be provided for all expenses except per diems. Photocopied receipts are not acceptable. Credit card slips do not provide sufficient detail and are generally not acceptable. Expense reports lacking details of reason/purpose of expense or explanation of sundry items will be returned to the person authorizing the claim.

Rates for Mileage and Per Diem Expenses (Effective October 1, 2013, as set by the President per Policy 42.08)

 Mileage $0.52 per km  
 Distance (from Nanaimo campus) Deep Bay 78 km Powell River 137 km
Duncan 53 km Vancouver-downtown 60 km
Milner Gardens 50 km Victoria 121 km
Parksville 39 km    
 Meals Breakfast $ 12 Leave home before 7 am
Lunch $ 20 Travel to begin before noon
Dinner $ 28 Arrive home after 6 pm
 Incidentals $ 9   Per FULL day travelled
 Private Per Diem Accomm. $ 30  


  1. Automobile
    • Rental car information available from Purchasing Department.
    • Car pooling is encouraged when more than one person travels to the same destination. Only one person may claim mileage for the trip.
    • When a private vehicle is used on University business more than six days in any calendar month, the owner needs to obtain Class 007 business insurance coverage. Departments are permitted to authorize reimbursement to faculty and staff the difference between the rate for driving on business (Class 007) and the rate for driving to and from work (either Class 002 or 003 as determined by your personal circumstances) upon submission of proof of payment.
    • Travel to and from work is considered a personal expense and should not be claimed.
    • Distances to be claimed from the home campus.


  • Advantage should be taken of hotels where VIU is given preferential rates (contact Purchasing Department for information).
  • Actual costs (single occupancy) will be reimbursed.


  • When meals are included in registration fees for seminars, conferences or other functions attended, the employee may not claim a per diem allowance for the same meal.


  • Travel in the United States: The standard per diem rates will apply and can be claimed in US dollars (converted and paid in CDN $).
  • Travel in Continental Europe: The standard per diem rates will apply and can be claimed in Euros (converted and paid in CDN $). 
  • Travel in the UK: The standard per diem rates will apply and can be claimed in Pounds (converted and paid in CDN $).