VIU Positive Space Alliance
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Calendar of Events

Positive Space Fall 2017 Events:

  • LGBTQ2+ Welcome to Campus
    Friday, Sept 1, 8-10pm, Building 300, Royal Arbutus Room (2nd floor).
    Join us for board games and snacks to celebrate the new year. Co-hosted with VIU ResTide.

  • Speaker: Jarret Leaman, Actor, Policy Wonk, Entrepreneur
    Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2:30-4pm, Building 300, Royal Arbutus Room (2nd floor).
    Jarret will talk about his journey to realizing his identity as a 2-Spirited Anishinaabe man. He'll share teachings from his Elders and his motivational story to success.

  • Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Falz, "6 Months in South Sudan"
    Friday, Sept. 22, 7-9pm Building 305, Room 507
    Dr. Falz served with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) at a refugee camp in South Sudan. She'll share her experiences at a fundraiser to bring a LGBTQ2+ refugee to Nanaimo. Co-hosted with ROAR and the VIU Faculty Association's Human Rights and International Solidarity Committee.

  • Speaker: Dr. Aaron Devor, UVic Transgender Archives Founder & Academic Director
    Friday, Oct. 13, 7-9pm, Building 356, Room 109
    Dr. Devor is the Chair in Transgender Studies at UVic and is Founder & Academic Director of the world's largest transgender archives. Co-hosted with VIUSU and the VIU Faculty Association's Status of Women Committee.

Upcoming Orientations:

Wednesday, October 25th, 2:15-3:45, 250/402

Registration is not required

Want to join the Positive Space Alliance in making VIU a welcoming place for LGBTQ2+ individuals? Attend this training session is the way to join the Positive Space Alliance's safe spaces campaign. This session will provide background information on common issues faced by students and employees who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, or two-spirited (LGBTQ2+), tips on what you can do to create a more inclusive environment at Vancouver Island University, and outline the expectations of those displaying the Positive Space sticker.

Positive Space Steering Committee Meetings

Monday, October 30th, 3-4pm, 305/274

Thursday, December 14th, 3-4pm, 305/274

All welcome.

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