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Hay ch qa’ sii’em siye’yu mukw mustimuxw.

In keeping with regional protocol, I would like to start by acknowledging and thanking the Coast Salish people whose traditional territory Vancouver Island University resides on. We value the opportunity to learn, live and share educational experiences with you. I would also like to express my appreciation to the Aboriginal communities on Vancouver Island and the members of the Hwulmuxw Mustimuxw Siiem for their ongoing and invaluable support and participation in our programs and services. As a culturally responsive post-secondary institution, Vancouver Island University is committed to working in partnership with Aboriginal peoples of this region to improve their educational opportunities.

At VIU we are fortunate to host a large number of Aboriginal students who are enrolled in a wide variety of programs and courses. We recognize that our students represent many different nations and cultures and come to our institution with a rich and unique traditional knowledge base. It is our hope to create a sense of belonging in post-secondary education for each and every one of you. VIU being a place where your history and traditions are acknowledged, a place where your contributions are valued and a place where your success is celebrated!

Sharon Hobenshield, Ha-youly

Director of Aboriginal Education

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