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Geraldine Manson

Geraldine Manson is a member of the Snuneymuxw First Nation, married 42 years to Earl Manson, 3 children, six grandchildren and one-great-grandchild. Geraldine has worked for her community for well-over 15years; she gives credit to her cultural wisdom and education to her Elders’, present and Elders who have passed on. As the Elders’ Coordinator she carries many other responsibilities that relate to culture and traditions of her community.  Geraldine has been in the position of an elected council-member for eight years and her present-term ends in 2012.  Today, she is being mentored by Dr. Ellen White, “Kwulasulwut”

Previous roles: Field assistant for Archeological projects/re-burials; well knowledgeable in giving guidance and assistance in archeological projects within core-territory of SFN 

Liaison for cultural events – schools, organizations, political events,

Coordinated many projects within SFN community,

Coordinated cultural events held in community and outside of community

Fundraised for SFN Elders trips

Written proposals for funding and successful

Spiritualist assistant and in-training for this role

Semi-fluent in speaking SFN dialect

Repatriated ancestral remains successfully from RBCM well-over 300

Picture of Geraldine Manson and Ralph Nilson

Geraldine Manson, Dr.(Auntie) Ellen White, President Ralph Nilson