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VIU Degree/Diploma Advisors

Associate Degrees in Arts and Science; Diploma in Arts & Sciences, Diploma in Individually Selected Studies

Educational Advisors in the Advising Centre can help you with your plans to graduate with any of these 60 credit credentials. Drop in to the Advising Centre in Building 200 (3rd floor), call 250-740-6410 or email

Associate of Arts Degree Planning Sheet

Associate of Science Degree Planning Sheet

Bachelor of Arts (Faculties of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences)

Students are encouraged to meet with their BA Degree Advisor as early as they wish to declare their Major or Minors. VIU GPS helps you look at options but is not an official declaration of your Major or Minors. Degree Advisors can also link you with enrichment opportunities relevant to your degree focus (experiential, volunteer, research, leadership, student development). Sign up for appointments near their offices or email.

Robert Riggan - 250-753-3245 Local 2603 Bldg 355 Room 305

Lynda Patterson -250-753-3245 Local 2178 Bldg 355 Room 307

Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care/CYC Diploma

Teri Derksen - 250-740-6131

Bachelor of Arts Physical Education Major and Minor

To make an appointment contact Donna Nelson - 753-3245 local 6221

Brad Reimer - Bldg 356 Room 272 

Bachelor of Arts - Criminology Major/Criminology Diploma

Elizabeth McLin - 250-753-3245 local 2244 Bldg 356 Room 304

Bachelor of Business Administration/Diploma/Certificate

Andrea Martin - 250- 753-3245 Local 2178 Bldg 250 Room 446 - There is an appointment sign-up sheet located outside the advisor’s office. Students may also email to request an appointment time.

During 2nd year, BBA students must meet with the Advisor regarding their choice of 3rd and 4th year major. It should be noted that while first year is common to all majors, variations in course requirements begin in the fall semester of second year.  The BBA Matrix details the courses in each year. The Advisor is responsible for entering the chosen BBA major on to the student’s academic record but will only do so if substantially all of the 1st and 2nd year requirements have been met.  Without the proper coding, students will not meet course reserve requirements and WILL BE WAITLISTED for upper level courses.

Bachelor of Education

To make an appointment with, or speak to an Education Program Advisor, please contact Pam Hoy (Administrative Assistant) 250-740-6223

Planning Guide for Year 1 Entry students

Post Baccalaureate Program & International Applicants - Marian Riedel

B.Ed. Program - Gayle Brase

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Peter Briscoe - 250-740-6226

Bachelor of Interior Design

Tamara Timbers - 250-753-3245 Local 2674

Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design

Patrick Foster - 250-753-3245 Local 2042

Bachelor of Natural Resource Protection/RMOT

John Morgan - 250-753-3245 Local 2542

Bachelor of Science

Major and Minor in Biology and Psychology, Minors in Chemistry, Earth Science, Geoscience, Geography and Mathematics.

Eric Demers - 250-753-3245 Local 2033

Computing Science

David Wessels - 250-753-3245 Local 2436

Fisheries & Aquaculture

Stefanie Duff- 250-753-3245 Local 2074

Forest Resources Technology

Doug Corrin - 250-753-3245 Local 2231

Nursing (For current BSN students only - applicants should contact Advising)

Karen Sylte - 250-753-3245 Local 2039

Practical Nursing

Wendy Wagner - 250-753-3245 Local 6249

Bachelor of Social Work/Social Services Diploma

Louise Stern - 250-753-3245 Local 2790 Bldg 180 Room 536

Education Assistant and Community Support Certificate

Leif Rasmussen - 250-740-6264 Bldg 180 Room 511

Bachelor of Tourism Management/Tourism Studies Diploma

Jackie Oncescu - 250-753-3245 Local 2413