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Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President Administration

Shelley Legin, Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President Administration (Chair)
Kristine Chyplyk, Executive Assistant, Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President Administration
Shelley Kossowan, Manager, Project Management Office
Janette Polson, Executive Assistant, Special Projects

Facilities and Ancillary Services

Alan Cumbers, Associate Vice-President, Facilities and Ancillary Services
Carol Desilets, Director, Ancillary Services
Richard Lewis, Director, Facilities Services and Campus Development


Wendy Young, Associate Vice-President, Finance and Risk Management
Joanne Brocklebank, Director of Financial Services, AURORA Project
Stephen Clements, Associate Director of Finance, Accounting Services

Information Technology

Lorrie Baildham, Manager, Enterprise Systems AURORA Project
Darren Eveleigh, Director, Information Technology Operations
Andrew Speed, Director, Enterprise Systems
Tracey Terepocki, Manager, Client Services
Michael Carpenter, Web Manager

Marketing and Communications

Jean Maltesen, Associate Vice-President, Marketing and Communications
Shari Bishop-Bowes, Manager, Strategic Marketing
Janina Stajic, Manager, Communications and Public Engagement
Monica Tysowski, Executive Assistant, Marketing and Communications

Additional Members

Marie Armstrong, University Secretary
Fred Jacklin, Registrar
Rhonda McLaren, Operations Manager, Office of the Provost
William Litchfield, Assocaite Vice-President, University Relations/Chief Advancement Officer
Dan VanderSluis, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources