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Ask An Alum Ambassadors

Do you have questions that you would like to ask someone who has gone through it before you? Or questions about your field of study and the type of industry you plan to enter? Are you graduating soon and wish to speak to someone who has recently made the transition? Our Ask An Alum Ambassadors can help.

Search our alums by Faculty: Arts & Humanities, Health & Human Services, Management, Science & Technology, and Social Sciences.

Send your questions to and one of our alumni ambassadors will get back to you within a couple of days. They are a great resource to ask questions that pertain to, but are not limited to:

  • Your faculty and field of study
  • Industry you plan to work in once graduated
    • What the industry is looking for when hiring
  • Campus life, including student groups and living in residence
  • Athletic programs and their benefits
  • Additional tips to prepare for graduation
  • What it means to be an alum of VIU

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Alice Joe

Credential from VIU: Applied Arts Diploma '07
Additional Credential: Thompson River's University, Bachelor of Fine Arts '03
Major: Graphics
Industry/Career Path: Graphic Design / Art Direction
Brief Bio: Alice is an art director and graphic designer whose specialties include print production, advertising and publication design, exhibition displays and brand identity. A member of the Nlaka'pamux First Nation, she grew up on the Shulus reservation outside of Merrit, BC.
Email Alice at

Amy PyeAmy Pye

Credentials from VIU: Bachelor of Arts '10; Information Technology and Systems - Digital Media Technologies '05; Diploma in Applied Arts - Graphics ' 04
Major: Graphic Design
Campus Life: Worked as a designer on The Navigator newspaper
Industry/Career Path: Design and Marketing; Owner of Pye Design and Marketing (
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter @PyeMarketing
Email Amy at

Kelly BlackKelly Black

Credential from VIU: Bachelor of Arts '09
Additional Credential: Carleton University, Master of Arts in Canadian Studies
Major: History
Campus Life: Worked at Student Union Pub; History Students Association; Campus Rec programs (kayaking, hiking)
Industry/Career Path: Ph.D. Candidate; President and past Vice-President of the Graduate Student Association at Carleton University; Member, City of Victoria Heritage Advisory Panel; Teaching Assistant/Instructor
Email Kelly at

Nicole KempNicole Kemp

Credential from VIU: Bachelor of Interior Design '14
Major: Interior Design
Campus Life: Student on the Faculty Council; Interior Design Club
Industry/Career Path: Space Planner / Sr. Project Coordinator for NAIT (Norther Alberta Institute of Technology). Nicole provides the institution with support regarding the design and planning for the campus and all its buildings.
Social Media: LinkedIn
Email Nicole at

Rolanda MurrayRolanda Murray

Credential from VIU: Bachelor of Arts '03
Major: History
Industry/Career Path: Canada Learning Bond Coordinator
Email Rolanda at

Faculty of Health & Human Services

Bridget ZohnerBridget Zohner

Credential from VIU: Bachelor of Science in Nursing '10
Additional Credentials: Diploma in Tropical Nursing '13 from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Major: Nursing
Campus Life: I was the first nursing student to participate in the Ghana, Africa field program.
Industry/Career Path: Remote/Outpost Nurse, enrolled in graduate nursing studies
Languages: English and French
Brief Bio: My experience as a student at VIU was very positive and my education extended well outside the walls of the classroom. It was during my time here that I realized my passion for working within different cultural contexts. My career has been very adventurous and rewarding. I look forward to supporting current and potential students with an interest in nursing.
Email Bridget at

Faculty of Management

Cameron StrachanCameron Strachan

Credentials from VIU: Bachelor of Tourism Management '09; Recreation and Sport Management Diploma '07
Major: Tourism Management
Minor: Recreation Sport Management
Campus Life: Lived in Residence; Active in Student Clubs
Industry/Career Path: Hospitality
Email Cameron at

Charity OisamojeCharity

Credentials from VIU: Master of Business Administration '11; Master of Science in International Business '11
Additional Credential: Investment Funds Institute of Canada, Canadian Investment Funds Course '10; Bachelor of Accounting, Benson Idahosa University '05
: Management
Major: Finance
Industry/Career Path: Educational Consultant & Managing Director of Plumville International Limited
: English
Testimonial: I had a wonderful campus life experience at VIU. Also, during my studies at VIU, I had the opportunity to work in a diverse team comprising of individuals from different cultures and this helped broaden my horizon.
Social Media: LinkedIn; Twitter; Facebook
Email Charity at

Emeka UdeaghaEmeka

Credentials from VIU: Master of Business Administration '14
Additional Credentials: Bachelors of Science (Biochemistry); Masters of Science (International Business)
Industry/Career Path: Financial Consultant at Investors Group
Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook
Email Emeka at

Jen WyniaJen Wynia

Credentials from VIU: Bachelor of Business Administration '14; Business Administration Diploma '09
Major: Management
Industry/Career Path: 10 years in the Financial Services industry. Currently in Operations.
Social Media: LinkedIn
Email Jen at

Matthew MacDonald

Credentials from VIU: Bachelor of Business Administration '12; Business Administration Diploma '11
Major: Financial Services
Campus Life: Intramurals
Industry/Career Path: Investment Consulting/Management
Email Matthew at

Mauricio VegaMauricio Vega

Credentials from VIU: Bachelor of Business Administration '10
Major: International Business and Economics
Industry/Career Path: Co-Owner of Restaurante La Polar Satelite
Languages: Spanish and English
Testimonial: My experience at VIU both academically and personally were invaluable. Small classes and highly qualified instructors provided me with a substantial amount of knowledge that I still use nowadays. Being away from home helped to get to know the right people and do the right things. I found VIU a perfect place to receive a remarkable educational foundation.
Email Mauricio at

Michal NayyarMichal Nayyar

Credential from VIU: Masters in Business Administration '16 and Master of Science in International Business '16
Additional Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology; Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (Body of the United Kingdom)
Major: Finance
Campus Life: Treasurer of World VIU Social Club for two consecutive terms: worked towards planning budget, organizing events for the club to enhance student participation and special seasonal events like Chinese New Year celebration, etc; VIU MBA Society Spirits Manager for term; Organized NUKO 5km Fun Run; Student Orientation Leader; Alumni Relations Volunteer; Co-op with Alumni Outreach programs as student caller for two consecutive terms at the Call Centre; Actively involved in the community volunteering for many different organizations
Industry/Career Path: Banking, financial institutions, accounting firms/corporations
Email Michal at

Nicole MartinettiNicole Martinetti

Credentials from VIU: Bachelor of Tourism Management '14; Diploma in Recreation and Sport Management '13; Certificate in Event Management '13
Major: Recreation
Campus Life: Lead Student Ambassador, Orientation Leader, Campus Rec Student Work-op, Office of Enrolment Management Student Work-op, Recreation and Tourism Association member and Vice-Chair, Volunteer with Faculty of International Education, 2-semester Study Abroad
Industry/Career Path: Currently working in the Tourism Industry for Dreamlines in Germany
Social Media: LinkedIn; Xing
Brief Bio: After completing her degree in spring of 2013, Nicole worked for the Office of Enrolment Management as a Recruitment Officer at VIU. Nicole recently left this role, and relocated to Hamburg, Germany to work in the Tourism Industry. During her time at VIU she was very involved in campus life, and spent two semesters studying in California. She had a great experience at VIU, and has extensive knowledge of the institution from her role as a Recruiter. She is happy to answer any questions you may have about her experience or about VIU in general.
Email Nicole at

Noura Saeed

Credentials from VIU: Bachelor of Business Administration '16
Major: Finance
Campus Life: Education abroad in Germany-Finland 2015
Industry/Career Path: Recent graduate from VIU
Brief Bio: I am a Saudi business student and am very excited to volunteer and help those who need help in their current studies at VIU
Email Noura at

Valdon McKinnonValdon McKinnon

Credentials from VIU: Bachelor of Tourism Management '09; Recreation and Sport Management Diploma '07
Major: Tourism Management
Campus Life: Treasurer of the Malaspina Recreation and Tourism Association (MRTA) for 2 years; Director-at-Large at Students Union 2007 - 2008; VIU Student Board of Advisors 2008 - 2009; Valedictorian for Sport and Recreation Management Diploma Class '07; Played Intramural soccer from 2006 - 2009
Industry/Career Path: Currently employed at Hanson International Academy as the Field Placement Coordinator and Academic Support.
Social Media: LinkedIn
Brief Bio: Val has spent most of his career in the camping industry, working at the Tim Hortons Children's Foundation in Kentucky, USA, the YMCA of Honolulu at Camp Erdman, and the Zajac Ranch for Children in Mission, BC. Val has always worked with youth and students and has always mixed recreation and education. Creating Outdoor Education curriculum for schools and summer camps, Val turned towards post-secondary education to tie his tourism degree closer to his career.
Email Val at

Faculty of Science & Technology

Maggie HenigmanMaggie Henigman

Credential from VIU: Forest Resources Technology Diploma
Major: Forest Resource Technology
Industry/Career Path: Started in forest resources, moved into fisheries, and now managing ecosystems in urban and rural landscapes
Email Maggie at

Mathieu LessardMathieu Lessard

Credential from VIU: Bachelor of Science '14
Major: Computer Sciences
Industry/Career Path: Software Engineering (Adobe Systems)
Email Mathieu at

Faculty of Social Sciences

Erin BrookErin Brook

Credential from VIU: Bachelor of Arts '04
Additional Credential: University of Calgary, Juris Doctor '07
Major: Liberal Studies
Industry/Career Path: Lawyer - Family Law; Principal of Brook Law
Email Erin at

Gabrielle BishopGabrielle Bishop

Credential from VIU: Bachelor of Arts '14
Additional Credential: Master of Arts, International Affairs (expected 2016) with concentration in Development Projects & Planning from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University
Major: Global Studies
Campus Life: Education Abroad: month-long language and culture program, Seoul Women's University (Korea 2011), a year-long exchange at Chung-Ang University (Korea 2012-2013), Global Studies Internship (Korea 2013); Campus Clubs: Young Liberals of Canada, World University Service of Canada (WUSC), Club Français; Work-ops: Intern, Faculty of International Education (VIU 2011), Program Evaluator for the Department of Child & Youth Care (VIU 2013-2014), Cultural Connections - Exchange Student Buddy program.
Industry/Career Path: Currently full-time M.A. candidate, pursuing research on North Korean market liberalization. Summer 2015 co-op: Jr. Trade Policy Analyst, Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD). Interested in public policy, international development, emerging economies, international education, IT innovation and marketing and communications.
Social Media: LinkedIn
Email Gabrielle at

Kendra WaughKendra Waugh

Credentials from VIU: Bachelor of Arts '11; Criminology Diploma '09
Additional Credential: University of Manitoba, Juris Doctor '14
Major: Criminology
Industry/Career Path: Law - Criminal Defense
Email Kendra at

Kim MoesKim Moes

Credential from VIU: Bachelor of Arts '11
Major: Liberal Studies; Minor Creative Writing
Campus Life: Co-founder and VP of Liberal Studies Club; Liberal Studies Abroad in Italy (twice: 2009 and 2010); Mentor (VIU Peer Mentorship Program) mentoring prospective, new, and existing students by referral.
Industry/Career Path: Financial industry by day, writer by night.
Brief Bio: I have been in the financial industry for a significant number of years, and Liberal Studies allowed me to continue growing and enriching my mind and soul. Its interdisciplinary learning style helps foster strong communication, critical thinking, and the ability to see in ways you may never have thought possible. Further, Creative Writing allowed me to reach into my depths and pull a few stories that have been since published.
Email Kim at

Olivia LyleOlivia Lyle

Credential from VIU: Bachelor of Arts '04
Major: Anthropology & Liberal Studies
Field Schools: New Zealand & Cook Islands for Anthropology; Florence Italy for Liberal Studies
Industry/Career Path: Corporate Communications
Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter @Olivia_M_L
Email Olivia at

If you have questions about the Ask an Alum program, please contact Kamala Haughton, Advancement & Alumni Relations Coordinator, at or call 250-740-6215.