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Vancouver Island University / North Island College
“Co-Admission” Option

VIU/NIC Co-admission option.

Earn a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree from Vancouver Island University, while studying at both North Island College and VIU.

Program details

This partnership program will allow you to move freely and easily between both institutions to complete the requirements of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from VIU. You will be able to plan your degree completion with confidence and study close to home.  You will be able to move back and forth between these two institutions with next to no administrative inconveniences.
In any given semester, you will have the opportunity to study at North Island, at VIU, or at both!  At the end of each semester, your grades will be automatically passed along to the other partner school.  Your courses will be assessed and transfer credit will be awarded. There will be no need for you to order transcripts or make any additional requests. 
Advisors at both NIC and VIU will be available to assist you.

Areas of study

VIU currently has 17 majors and 26 minors available within its Bachelor of Arts degree and 3 majors and 7 minors within its Bachelor of Science degree.    Some programs within the BA (Criminology) have additional admission requirements and a competitive entry process and therefore are not eligible for the co-admission option.

Application process

Initial processing of applications for admission will be done at either VIU or NIC.  Apply online through Apply to VIU or in-person at any campus of VIU or NIC. If applying in-person, indicate “VIU-NIC Co-Admission” and specify Arts or Science as your program choice.  If applying through EducationPlannerBC, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Vancouver Island University or North Island College as your institution selection
  2. Enter name, address and answer all other questions fully.
  3. When asked to identify your intended program of study, select "North Island College Partnership – Bachelor of Arts” or North Island College Partnership - Bachelor of Science".


You must meet the General Admission Requirements for VIU, which includes an option for mature students who were unable to complete secondary school.  Successful applicants will receive an offer of admission from the institution that they applied to, which will be followed shortly by an offer of admission from the other institution.

More information

If you are interested in this program and would like additional information before applying, please feel free to contact one of the Admissions Advisors listed below:

Vancouver Island University

Lorna Millard
Toll Free at 1-888-920-2221 ext 6410 or 250 740-6410

North Island College

Kim Kobus
Toll free at 1-800-715-0914 or 250-334-5048

The Nanaimo Campus Quad