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Board Governance

The bicameral system of governance of Vancouver Island University consists of two governing bodies - the Board of Governors and the Senate.  Generally, the Board of Governors is responsible for the administrative management of the institution and the Senate is responsible for the educational policy of the University. View the presentation providing an overview of the governance structure of the institution.

The Board of Governors of Vancouver Island University have adopted a principled approach to Board governance, based on the vision and values of Vancouver Island University (VIU) and best practices for Board effectiveness.

Good governance includes the effective exercise of having accurate knowledge and understanding where “effective” is relative to institutional vision and values. This evolution of the governance framework builds on earlier systems which used language of bylaws and earlier approaches to governance policies. An important principle of good governance is the living nature of the system, which requires feedback loops and periodic review to maintain clarity and effectiveness.

Board Governance practices are articulated in Policy 11.30 -- Governance. This policy was developed in consultation with various stakeholders and through a review of best practices in good governance.

Policy 11.30 -- Governance

Statement, Principles and Approach

Appendix A Interpretation

Appendix B Board Charter

Appendix C1 Governance Committee Mandate

Appendix C2 Finance Committee Mandate

Appendix C3 Audit Committee Mandate

Appendix C4 Facilities Committee Mandate

Appendix C5 Labour Relations Committee Mandate

Appendix C6 Policy Review Committee Mandate

Appendix C7 Compensation Committee Mandate

Appendix D1 Statement of Roles - President

Appendix D2 Statement of Roles - Governors

Appendix D3 Statement of Roles - Board Chair

Appendix E Governance Orientation and Development

Appendix E1 Annual Orientation and Development Practices