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Board Membership

Appointed by Lieutenant Governor in Council

Warren Erhart

to 31-07-2018

Terence Fitzgerald

to 31-07-2018

Erralyn Joseph

to 31-07-2018

Makenzie Leine, Chair

to 31-07-2018

Claire I. Moglove, Vice-chair

to 31-12-2018

Jay Oddleifson

to 31-07-2018

Allan Wiekenkamp

to 31-01-2019

Elected by Faculty

Linda Derksen

to 30-06-2019

Eliza Gardiner

to 30-06-2020

Elected by Staff   (employees of the university who are not faculty members)

Sheila Davidson

to 30-06-2019

Elected by Students

Sydney Sullivan

to 30-06-2018

Imtiaz Taj

to 30-06-2018

Ex Officio

Louise Mandell, Chancellor

Ralph Nilson, President and Vice-Chancellor