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Business & Management Programs

ACBSP AccreditationCertificate in Business Management

VIU also offers a Diploma in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration.

The Program

The Certificate in Business Management (CBM) is offered as a full–time or part–time program. This Certificate program is designed to provide a firm foundation of business principles. Should you be entrepreneurial or curious about a career in business this could be your opportunity. By the end of this program the student will have a sound introduction to the key functional areas of business practice. Courses in the CBM are fully transferable to VIU's Bachelor of Business Administration undergraduate degree.

Admission Requirements

Start Date and Application Deadline

Applications are accepted on an on–going basis. Subject to course availability students may start this program in September or January. Some courses may also be available in the summer. For further information regarding program contacts check the Program Availability List for the Nanaimo or Cowichan campuses.

Program Outline

Courses Credits

ACCT 100 - (Financial Accounting I)


ECON 100 - (Intro to Economics)


FNCE 130 - (Intro to Finance)


MARK 160 - (Intro to Marketing)


MGMT 192 - (Principles of Management)


Three business elective credits* or,
MATH 151** - (Introductory College Algebra I)


Nine business elective credits*


Three elective credits


Total Credits


* Business electives are courses with the following prefixes: ACCT, ECON, FNCE, LAWW, MARK, MGMT, QUME.

** MATH 151 (minimum "C") will be accepted in place of three business elective credits, for students without Mathematics 12 (minimum "C").

Note: A minimum graduating GPA of 2.0 (“C”) is required.

Further Studies

The following are recommendations for students who wish to continue on to the Bachelor of Business Administration program.

  • Consult with the BBA Advisor regarding elective choices.
  • Students without Mathematics 12 (minimum "C"), but who have a C+ or better in Principles of Mathematics 11 can take MATH 151 (minimum "C") in place of a business elective, or Math 065 (minimum "C"). Students who have a "C+" or better in Foundations of Mathematics 11 will need to take Math 065 (minimum "C").
  • Computer compentency or QUME 185 is required. For a detailed description of required computer skills refer to the Faculty of Management's Required Computer Compentencies.
  • ENGL 115 - (University Writing and Research), or ENGL 204* - (Business and Technical Writing) for students who have already taken ENGL 115, is recommended. * Students who have already completed ENGL 225 - (Business and Technical Writing) can still use this course in lieu of ENGL 204.

Updated July 15, 2013