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Resource Management Officer Technology

Fees: Credit-Based Undergraduate Programs

Description of Fees and Rates:

  1. Tuition: $139.24 per credit hour:
    – $417.72 per 3-credit course per semester
    – $556.96 per 4-credit course per semester
  2. Student Activity fee: $5.57 per credit.
  3. VIU Students' Union fee: $18.22 per month.
  4. Health and Dental Plan fee: $278 per year; this fee is only in effect for full–time students at the Nanaimo Campus.
  5. Other fees: Some courses have additional fees to pay for extraordinary class–related expenses.

Fee Table – 36 credits


Tuition (36 credits x $139.24)


Student Activity fee (36 credits x $5.57)


VIU Students' Union fee ($72.88 x 2 semesters)


Health and Dental Plan fee* ($278 per year)




* The Health and Dental Plan fee is only in effect for full–time students at the Nanaimo Campus.

Special Expenses (approximate costs)


Books and supplies per year


Rain gear, boots and waders


Field trips


Occupational Level I First Aid and Transportation Endorsement


Electrofishing course


Note: All costs are estimates and are subject to change without prior notice.

Note: Other important certificates that may be required are: Canadian Coast Guard Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC), Restricted Operator's Card for Marine VHF Radios, and Swiftwater Rescue (3–day course), for an approximate cost of $600.00

Updated: July 2, 2014