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Aluminum Boat Building

The Program

This program provides the student with fabrication and aluminum welding skills with a specialty in alumimum boat building. The areas focused on are: Work Practices and Procedures; Introduction and Program Orientation - Theory; Aluminum Characteristics; Gas Metal Arc Welding - Theory; Gas Metal Arc Welding - Practical; Aluminum Welding, Aluminum Fabrication; Aluminum Boat Building.

The students will be evaluated using written exams, assignments and practical work projects. Students must achieve 70% to be successful.

Career Opportunities

The Aluminum Boat Building Program gives graduates a marketable skill set in aluminum fabrication and welding. There are several aluminum boat manufacturers in the West Coast region. Aluminum welding and fabrication skills are not common and the demand for these skills is high. Graduates from this program are able to move into entry-level positions with aluminum boat builders or other fabrication shops specializing in aluminum construction.

Admission Requirements

Notes on Admission

  • Adequate vision, and free from respiratory ailments.
  • Physically suited to the trade.
  • Applicants who do not possess the minimum educational requirements may substitute two years related work experience approved by the Program Coordinator in lieu of educational requirements.

Start Date and Application Deadline

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. For further information regarding the next available intake and program contacts check the Program Availability List.

Completion Requirements

Students must achieve a 70% average on all written and practical exams and assignments.

Program Outline

Aluminum Boat Building

BOAT 100T - (Work Practices and Procedures)

BOAT 102T - (Introduction and Program Orientation - Theory)

BOAT 110T - (Aluminum Characteristics)

BOAT 112T - (Gas Metal Arc Welding - Theory)

BOAT 113T - (Gas Metal Arc Welding - Practical)

BOAT 120T - (Aluminum Welding)

BOAT 130T - (Aluminum Fabrication)

BOAT 140T - (Aluminum Boat Assembly)

All program courses must be successfully completed before certificates will be issued.

Updated April 24, 2015