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Carpool Permits

Notes on Carpools

  • Designated Carpool spaces are located in Parking lot “E”, these spaces are reserved for vehicles displaying a valid carpool sticker from 7am to 11am, after 11am these parking spaces are available for General parking.
  • Carpool applicants are required to first obtain a regular parking permit.
  • An application completed and signed by all carpoolers must be registered with the Parking/Security office to qualify to park in designated Carpool parking spaces.
  • An application form must be completed each time you request a Carpool permit.
  • To qualify for a carpool permit, occupants must arrive at the same time every day the carpool permit is used.
  • If the number of the carpool falls below 2 on any given day the vehicle is on campus, the carpool pass is invalid for that day. A daily permit must be purchased and the vehicle parked in the General parking lots.
    (Parking lots E – 18 spots, Q – 2 spots)
  • Misuse of carpool privileges will result in cancellation of the carpool permit.
  • One permit will be issued. Carpoolers are responsible for properly displaying and transferring the permit between carpool vehicles and failure to do so may result in a parking violation or vehicle being towed.
  • All outstanding parking violations must be paid before a permit will be issued.