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VIU is introducing the Co-Curricular Record in Phases. To date the following phases have been identified:

Phase One: 2016 to 2017 VIU CCR Approved Activities:

CCR activities are recorded on a year-by-year basis beginning as of Fall 2016.

All activities below are CCR approved activities. For any inquires please email

‘Su’luqw’a’ Community Cousins
VIU MBA Society
Students Union (VIUSU)
Residence Life
Peer Helpers
VIU Student Ambassadors
Fun@VIU Committee
Peer Supported Learning Leaders

Phase Two: 2017 to 2018

Faculty and Staff from across the University will be invited to participate in Phase Two. To indicate your interest in submitting a CCR activity in Phase Two, please contact the Co-Curricular Engagement Coordinator at

VIU Student Guide to Co-Curricular Record