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VIU's Role

As expressed in our Academic Plan, Vancouver Island University (VIU) supports the well-being of the people of Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia by promoting a high quality of life for their communities through commitment to student success, community engagement and associated scholarship. As part of the vision, VIU is committed to making post–secondary education accessible to all children in BC. The Canada Learning Bond is one way that families can remove financial barriers to a post-secondary education for their children. Our aim is to increase awareness of the program and more specifically to get many more eligible families signed up for this free education money.

In the summer of 2013, VIU hired two students to increase the uptake of Registered Educations Savings Plan incentives like the Canada Learning Bond. These students worked to create awareness of the program by establishing a network of people and agencies that connect with eligible families. Over the next year, the students organized a number of information sessions at schools, malls and any place where eligible families met for support and services. They also hosted a number of one-stop sign up events, which brought Service Canada professionals and bank representatives to locations in the community to make the process of signing up for an RESP and The Canada Learning Bond easier than ever before. VIU is grateful to students Dan Cato and Jacqueline Matilpi for their hard work and commitment to this initiative.

VIU is pleased to be a member of the Champion’s Network; a support network of interested and active organizations across Canada that was created to help promote and raise awareness of the Canada Learning Bond. We are the only organization in BC and the only university in Canada that is part of the Champion’s Network. The network provides invaluable support to organizations working on this important initiative.

In October 2014, VIU hired a Canada Learning Bond Coordinator to oversee the continued efforts to promote the Canada Learning Bond and other education savings incentives.