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Health & Wellness Resources

VICS2_community_resource_guidebutton - Comprehensive data base of Vancouver Island community resources (VI crisis line)

Addictions, Alcohol, Drug & Behavioural Addictions


  • - Information library on ADD & AD with HD
  • - From people with AD/HD, support, hope, resources, articles, fact sheets, newsletter, conferences mindfulness workshops
  • - Children & adults with AD/HD. Community network & support, links, and info
  • Helpguide - Add / Adhd - Topcis include impacts, strategies, parenting & more

Advocacy / Self-Advocacy

Anxiety / Stress - see also Mindfulness Meditations

Affirmation - see Inspirational


  • Assert Yourself - 10 training modules on assertivenss from the Centre for Clinical Interventions in Australia

Assistive Technology


Career Exploration, Life & Education planning


  • Note: If you are feeling confused about what you did wrong, if your partner is regularly putting you down, not letting you see friends or family, belittling your achievements, threatening you, hitting you in any way, demanding sex or forcing sex, etc, this is not your fault. This has nothing to do wtih how you communicate; you are not the one with the problem. You may want to consider escaping as soon as you can. Help is there if you need it.
  • Center for Nonviolent Communication - Marshall Rosenberg - many resources that focus on teaching compassionate communication & understanding
  • Streetgiraffe - Marshall Rosenbergs Non-Violent Communication; many resources on empathy, getting needs met, how to communicate, trainings, videos
  • Effective communication - Help Guide - tips & strategies to improve communication. related articles and helpful readings as well

Cowichan Valley / Duncan


Disordered Eating: Resources in British Columbia

Disordered Eating: Body Image, Information & Resources

Diversity (see also Racial Reconciliation)

Domestic Violence (also see Sexual Violence Prevention & Sexual Violence Recovery & Resources)

  • Ending Violence - Provincial association to developing programs in communities in addressin violence. Lot's of resources and information
  • Let's get consensual - Great video from UVIC on what consent is, & what it is not with some statements on sexual violence

Education - resources promoting midnfulness in education

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid - VIU, scholarships, bursaries, awards, loans information
  • Student Aid BC - this is where you apply for loans, one stop application for canada student loans, bc loans, disability grants

Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgendered, 2 Spirit & Non-conforming people

Grief & Loss

  • Bereavement Helpline - connects you with resources for grieving in British Columbia
  • - useful information, lists of books, description of 5 stages of grief, how and how not to support someone
  • Shauna Janz - booklet on healing conversations to help someone who is grieving, plus a list of books and resources
  • Learning through Loss - grief education & support for youth
  • BC Victims of Homicide - Offers groups, materials, videos, recommended reading, training & links
  • Cowichan Hospice - support, info, companionship, library, video's, non-denominational spiritual care, palliative care Nanaimo Hospice - support, info, libary, specific to teens, children, adults & elders, outreach, palliative care, some free counselling Oceanside Hospice - in Qualicum, serves surrounding area including Parksville Port Alberni Hospice - palliative support, library, spiritual care, counselling, support groups
  • Capacitar - International network promoting healing through energy based modalities like accupressure, hand massage & more
  • Mourner Bill of Rights - statement on things someone in grief may need to do to take care of their self
  • "The Meaning of Death" by Stephen Jenkinson - Short video on acceptance of death
  • Grief support for children - Counselling at Nanaimo Hospice with creative/ expressive therapies; brochures on grief
  • Rainbows - Grief support groups for children & youth impacted by loss, divorce, separation, etc offered in local schools and social support agencies
  • After Talk - Pyshcologist Dr. Neimeyer, questions & answers, articles




Indigenous; Information & Resources


Inspirational & Affirmation

Inter-Cultural Transition



  • - Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society; services to immigrants and visible minorities: support on immigration issues, finding work, workshops on dealing with racism, English classes and much moreLegal Resources

Legal Resources

  • My Law BC - General information on family law, domestic violence, and some financial with links to free legal aid and publications.
  • Justice Access Centre - links to access centres in Victoria, Vancouver & Nanaimo dedicated to helping you find legal resources & give ltd legal advice

Lifelong Learning

Living Simply

  • The Minimalists - Live more meaningfully as opposed to living to acquire more; podcasts on many topics inlcuding finance
  • The story of stuff - website dedicated to changing the rules that state having more in the economy for its own sake is not serving us well. Links economic & social issues with environmental problems. Various videos suggesting positive solutions.


  • John Cacioppo - 15 minute video from Big Think, with impacts of loneliness and strategies for overcoming it

Media Literacy & Advocacy

Meditation Resources

  • Nanaimo Meditation Groups - List of groups that meet in nanaimo. Great way to learn and connect with others.
  • Island Dharma - Medtation & Dharma talk. Focus on how to minimize suffering & increase compassion. Taught by Dr. Cheryl Fraser. Meets some Saturdays
  • Oprah & Deepak - Has a free 21 day challenge meditation every 4 months or so. Great way to begin or renew practice. Follow them on facebook to get updated on the next one.
  • Shahaja Yoga Meditation Free online course - This approach has a particular focus on body mind connection. It uses touch on the body to access a variety of emtoins that you may be feeling. It also has research on its efficacy.
  • Headspace App - For apple and androids. Meditation app to introduce beginners. Starts simple & short and progressively deepens & lengthens

Mental Health


Mindfulness Meditations



  • - Resources & articles to improve father/daughter parenting – addresses many taboo topics
  • - Dedicated to helping girls be strong, smart, & bold; addresses societal messages about value and potential
  • - Magazine dedicated to hosting a forum for girl


Personality Tests

  • 16 Personalities - Free online test with information on your personality type, based on Carl Jung's typology popularized through Myerr's Briggs
  • Holland Code Career Test - free online test based on Holland's career codes. Places you in 1 of 6 career fields. Useful for questions on career interest.
  • Personality tests - Variety of personality tests (some free)
  • Learning Styles Questionnaire - Free, online auditory, visual, kinestenic learning styles inventory

Positive Psychology


Racial Reconciliation




Sexual Health

Sexual Violence & ViolencePrevention

  • Sexual Violence Support at VIU - Policy & Procedure, multiple resources, trauma informed approach; if you have been sexually assaulted there are many ways we can support you and you will remain in control of the process. Counselling is available as well. VIU is dedicated to helping end sexual violence.
  • Ending Violence Association of BC - Education, publications, articles, workshops, support, preventions programs & trainings. Many resources
  • The Anti-Violence Project - From UVic, many resources: library, blogs, etc. Also will help facillitate training in anti-violence measures
  • International Directory of Domestic Violence - list of publications / information on all types of violence in many languages for many age groups
  • Men choose respect - Program from the Haven Society for men who have been abusive to their partners and want to change
  • Fight the new drug - Site dedicated to educating us to the harmful impacts of pornography
  • - Articles & personal stories on a topics of concern for girls & women from pornography to exploitive corporations; this site will move you
  • - Challening racisim, sexism & violence through education & activism
  • Let's get consensual - Video from UVIC on what consent is, & what it is not with some statements on sexual violence
  • Consent for Tea - video on obtainning consent to have tea with someone
  • Ted Talk: Thordis Elva & Tom Strange - story of rape & reconciliation

Sexual Abuse Recovery & Resources for Men

Sexual Abuse Recovery & Resources for Women

  • Cowichan Women against Violence - Counselling & groups for all forms of past or current violence, womens transition homes, victim services & much more.
  • Haven Society: Nanaimo area resource for women - Counselling, transition homes, victim services, children's counselling
  • VIHA Sexual Assault Resources - Links to Forensic examinations, making police reports, and resources for what to do if you are experiencing violence
  • - Articles & personal stories on a topics of concern for girls & women from pornography to exploitive corporations; this site will move you
  • - Information on impact, issues for students & youth, what to do; rape treatment centre
  • Victimlink bc - 24/7 confidential, multilingual telephone service to help you find the best resources for emotional or practical support
  • Let's get consensual - Video from UVIC on what consent is, & what it is not with some statements on sexual violence
  • Consent for Tea - video on obtainning consent to have tea with someone


  • Brene Brown - Ted talk on shame - differences in men and women - importance of emapthy to healing

Stress - see Anxiety / Stress

Study Strategies

Studying Abroad

Suicide Information & Help

Trauma - See Anxiety & Stress for more relaxation exercises and visualizations, also see Mindfulness Meditations & Sexual Abuse recovery


  • - Nanaimo Volunteer Society; refers volunteers to and provides a variety of services to non-profit agencies in the Nanaimo area

Women’s Health & Self Help

Workplace Conflict


Former Youth in Care

  • Aged Out - Website from People who were in Care or who supported youth to support youth as they age out of care
  • VIU Tuition Fee Waiver - for former Youth in Care