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Sea Cucumbers

Flex Your Mussels | TEDx Victoria Talks
November 19, 2011

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Sea Cucumber Aquaculture & Enhancement
Present & Future Presentation June 16, 2011

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Kitchen at Deep Bay Marine Field Station

VIU’s CSR Deep Bay Marine Field Station Hosts International Seafood Experts

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper visits Deep Bay Field Station
Prime Minister Stephen Harper visits CSR Deep Bay Marine Field Station

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State-of-the-art facilities at Canada's West Coast University

Centre for Shellfish Research
Deep Bay Marine Field Station
Centre for Shellfish Research

Vision. The Centre for Shellfish Research will become an International Centre of Excellence in shellfish aquaculture by providing leading edge research facilities to academic, government and industry collaborators focusing on sustainability, animal production and technology development; facilitating technology transfer, filling education and training needs with relevant curricula in appropriate settings; ensuring knowledge mobilization through innovative communications programs and generating public confidence and support through community and First Nations involvement.

Shellfish farming’s green credentials, both in terms of its benefit to the environment and profitability, led Vancouver Island University to make a bold investment in the Centre for Shellfish Research (CSR) in 2001. CSR launched three critically important research programs:

1. Ecological Interactions Research Program investigates sustainable shellfish practices ensuring that environmental protection and a vibrant industry go hand-in-hand.

2. Shellfish Health and Husbandry Research Program undertakes research projects to improve productivity and economic viability to drive new investment, expansion and diversification in the industry.

3. Social Sciences Research Program facilitates interdisciplinary research to ensure social health and benefits to coastal communities.

In its short history, CSR has attracted prominent researchers and staff, provided practicum and research opportunities for more than 30 undergraduate students and supported thesis research of five graduate students. Interest and enthusiasm generated in CSR laboratory and field research projects has led students to careers in the industry and into graduate school in related fields. CSR has also developed a considerable capacity for technology transfer and training, which is particularly important for the many First Nations that are becoming actively involved in creating shellfish farming operations in their communities.

Shellfish Farming Training Program. In addition, the CSR has introduced a comprehensive shellfish aquaculture training program that includes 16 courses ranging from beach to business management.

Our doors are open. The CSR's strength has been in developing collaborative research partnerships. We invite interested individuals or organizations to contact us at anytime – with unique or novel ideas to further shellfish aquaculture development. Let's talk.