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CUPE - Training & Development

About Us

Committee Description

The CUPE Training & Development Committee is comprised of three Administrative and three CUPE representatives (including one part-time Committee Assistant).

The Committee operates under the provision of Article 20 on the CUPE 1858 Collective Agreement. This article recognizes the value of ongoing improvement and professional development, and outlines the purpose of career development (20.01) to "provide employees with the opportunity for career development by enabling them to prepare for promotional advancement and generally upgrade their present skills. The provisions of the Article are intended to assist employees in maintaining and improving skills and/or to assist in preparing them for foreseeable jobs."

Vision Statement

The CUPE Training and Development Committee will through communication and celebration, inspire the CUPE membership to engage in professional growth that supports everyone to be the best for the VIU community.

Committee Members:

Carole Gray, Human Resources, local 6239

Chelsea Carne, Advancement & Alumni Relations,

Kamala Haughton, Advancement & Alumni Relations, local 6215

Margot Croft, Environment & Sustainability, local 6340

Susan Allen, Professional Development & Training, local 6364

One Administrative position to be filled.

Committee Assistant:

Marg Taylor, Assistant - CUPE T&D Committee, 250-740-6199 (email: