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CUPE - Training & Development

VIU Employee - Credit Tuition Waiver

The VIU Employee - Credit Tuition Waiver - CUPE is an initiative offered by VIU for all employees and is a separate fund from the CUPE Training & Development Fund.

For the 2012 - 2013 academic year the first day to submit a credit tuition waiver is June 11, 2012.

There is no cost for tuition provided that no fee-paying student is being displaced.

Note: Some "revenue dependent" courses may be excluded or must first meet minimum enrolment levels before tuition waivers will be approved.


1. CUPE employees who have a regular appointment or current temporary appointment may register for University courses which begin in September or January any time on or after the first day assigned to "Unclassified Studies" students.

2. CUPE employees may register for up to 8 credits per semester.

3. Tuition and Student Activity fees are waived, but employees must pay Student Society fees and any other fees associated with the course.

  • Employees can apply to the Training and Development fund to pay for fees not covered by the tuition waiver, such as Society Fees, textbooks and software.

4. Submit the VIU Employee - Credit Tuition Waiver - CUPE to the Cupe T&D Assistant.