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Area Employees

Business Programs

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Name Title Department Campus Local
Jaeger, Chris Professor Management Nanaimo 2844
Jean Louis, Rosmy Chair, Department of Economics Economics Nanaimo 2233
Jensen, Keith Ph.D. Chair, Finance Department Finance & Quantitative Methods Nanaimo 2369
Knight, Monica Instructor Management Nanaimo 3245
Kreschuk, Crystal Administrative Assistant,Graduate Business Studies Office of Graduate Business Studies Nanaimo 6177
Lambourne, Tony Instructor Accounting Nanaimo 2949
Latulippe, Johan Professor Management Nanaimo 2564
Lin, Andy Professor Finance & Quantitative Methods Nanaimo 2446
Liu, Hui (Joy) Professor Economics Nanaimo 2165
MacColl, Michael Professor Management Nanaimo 2586
Martens, Martin Chair - Department of Management & Law Management Nanaimo 2863
Martinez Gutierrez, Daniel Instructor Finance & Quantitative Methods Nanaimo 3245
McCabe, Lisa Instructor Accounting Nanaimo 3245
McIntosh, Cory Instructor Accounting Nanaimo 3245
McLaughlin, Tiffany Business Programs Assistant Management Programs Office Nanaimo 6390
McPherson, Carson Instructor Management Nanaimo 3245
Mulcair, Deborah Professor Finance & Quantitative Methods Cowichan 3543
Mulcair, Deborah Professor Finance & Quantitative Methods Nanaimo 2846
Mustafa, Sameer Professor Accounting Nanaimo 2539
O'Shea, Michael Professor Management Nanaimo 2350