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Area Employees

Ancillary Services

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Name Title Department Campus Local
Backmann, Brandi Food Stores Clerk Cafeteria Nanaimo 6286
Baker, Catherine Starbucks Shift Lead Ancillary Services Administration
Ball, Melissa Prep Cook Cafeteria
Bannard-Hall, Adrian Starbucks Barista/Cashier Ancillary Services Administration
Barclay, Honey Cook Cafeteria
Bascom, Erin Health and Safety Advisor Health and Safety Services Nanaimo 6282
Bauche, Michael Activity Program Coordinator VIU Student Residence Nanaimo 2986
Bernard, Vanessa Residence Service Representative VIU Student Residence Nanaimo 6640
Blake, Laura Night Clerk VIU Student Residence
Boersma, Olivia Cook Cafeteria
Booker, Kristine Cook Cafeteria
Brooke, Sampson Prep Cook Cafeteria
Burrows, Robert Residence Service Representative VIU Student Residence Nanaimo 6640
Calder, Ian Cook Cafeteria
Campbell, Tyler Lead Cook Cafeteria Nanaimo 2581
Cooper, Colleen Cashier/Clerk Bookstore - CW Campus Store Cowichan 3516
Copeland, Dawna Residence Lead Housekeeper VIU Student Residence
Cox, Tracy Catering Service Worker Cafeteria
Crane, Cory Kitchen Supervisor Cafeteria
Creighton, Carol Residence Office Assistant for Vancouver Island University Residences (Building 4) VIU Student Residence Nanaimo 6640