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Area Employees

Education Programs

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Name Title Department Campus Local
Ansell, Jim Professor Education Nanaimo 2690
Ansell, Jim Professor Education Cowichan 3570
Baker, Emily Instructor Education
Bayne, Donna Instructor Education
Belcher, Robert Instructor Education
Boulet, Lila Instructor Education
Bradley, Jan Instructor Education
Brase, Gayle Advisor- B.Ed. Education Nanaimo 2568
Brase, Gayle Advisor- B.Ed. Education Cowichan 3556
Carroll, Jane Instructor Education
Cox, Riki Professor Education Nanaimo 2559
Cruickshanks, Nadine Professor Education Nanaimo 2162
Cruickshanks, Nadine Professor Education Cowichan 2162
Davidson, Bonita Professor, PhD Education Nanaimo
Day, Nicole Instructor Education
Den Otter, Dirk Instructor Education
Farrell, Teresa Instructor Education Nanaimo 2334
Fisher, Paige Professor Education Nanaimo 2002
Fleming, Allyson Professor Education Nanaimo 2598
Fleming, Allyson Professor Education Cowichan 3539