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Area Employees

Financial Services

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Name Title Department Campus Local
Miller, Meg Payroll Clerk, Surnames M-R Payroll Nanaimo 6653
Mohamed Ashraf, Arshad Buyer Purchasing
Moretto, Nikole Central Cashier/Collections Financial Services Nanaimo 6236
Morrison, Sarah Buyer Purchasing Nanaimo 6657
Nowak, Alex Financial Analyst Financial Services Nanaimo 6597
Plantz, Debbie Interim Manager - Payroll Payroll Nanaimo 6408
Purslow, Marg Accounts Payable Clerk (Employee Expense Claims, PD Claims, Freight Inv, Pcards D-F) Financial Services Nanaimo 6228
Putz, Don Financial Manager-Related Entities & Special Proj. Financial Services Nanaimo 2746
Sajid, Usman Financial Analyst Financial Services Nanaimo 5012
Van Horne, Nikki Accounts Payable Clerk Financial Services Nanaimo 6483
Willson, Wendy Payroll Employees, Surname S - Z Payroll Nanaimo 6323
Yee, Karmen Senior Buyer Purchasing Nanaimo 6233
Young, Wendy AVP, Finance and Risk Management Financial Services Nanaimo 6565
Zandee, Tracy Manager, Payroll - AURORA Project Payroll Nanaimo