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Area Employees


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Name Title Department Campus Local
Affleck, Joslynn Professor Biology Nanaimo 2734
Agyekum, Eric Professor Math Nanaimo 2235
Amaral, John Professor (Co-Chair) Biology Nanaimo 2625
Angelstad, Martin Technician Biology Nanaimo 2638
Arkos, Gregory Professor Physics/Engineering/Astronomy Nanaimo 2207
Barsby, Todd Professor & Department Chair Chemistry Nanaimo 2285
Bigelow, David Chair, Professor Math Nanaimo 2608
Bothwell, Max Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Brant, Casey Instructor Earth Sciences Nanaimo 2750
Carruthers, Sarah Limited Term Contract Instructor Computing Science Nanaimo 2570
Davey, Nick Instructor Chemistry Nanaimo
Davey, Nick Instructor Chemistry Nanaimo 6578
Demers, Eric Professor, Co-Chair, B.Sc. Degree Advisor Biology Nanaimo 2033
Diamente, Peter Technician Chemistry Nanaimo 6307
Dick, Brian Professor and Chair Physics/Engineering/Astronomy Nanaimo 2435
Friesen, Duane Professor Chemistry Nanaimo 2305
Frost, Dennis Technician Physics/Engineering/Astronomy Nanaimo 2333
Ganassin, Rosemarie Professor Biology Nanaimo 2257
Garrett, Arielle Technician Biology Nanaimo 2323
Gellein, Shelley Technician Chemistry Nanaimo 6369