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Area Employees


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Name Title Department Campus Local
Griffiths, Paul Honorary Research Associate Earth Sciences
Groot, Erick Professor - Biology Dept.,; Fisheries & Aquaculture Dept. Biology Nanaimo 6365
Hearn, Deborah Professor Physics/Engineering/Astronomy Nanaimo 2641
Hernandez, Mercedes Professor Biology Nanaimo 2320
Idels, Lev Professor Math Nanaimo 2429
Janes, Jasmine Adjunct Faculty Biology
Johnstone, Sandra Professor Earth Sciences Nanaimo 2006
Josefsson, Caroline Professor Biology Nanaimo 2619
Key, Jessie Professor Chemistry Nanaimo 2312
Kimura, Hitomi Technician Biology Nanaimo 2323
Krogh, Erik Professor and Co-Director of the Applied Environmental Research Laboratories Chemistry Nanaimo 2307
Lesemann, Jerome Professor Earth Sciences Nanaimo 2756
Liu, Huizhu Professor and Advisor Computing Science Nanaimo 2680
McEwen, Gerri Technician Earth Sciences Nanaimo 2750
Ng, Patrick Professor Math Nanaimo 2311
Nilson, Suzanne Professor Biology Nanaimo 6362
Peer, Owen Technician - Earth Science and Physics Departments Earth Sciences Nanaimo 2333
Penner, Raymond Professor Physics/Engineering/Astronomy Nanaimo 2336
Pruesse, Gara Professor and Chair Computing Science Nanaimo 2337
Pugh, Glen Professor Math Nanaimo 2752