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Area Employees

Social Sciences

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Name Title Department Campus Local
Alexander, Don Professor Community Planning Nanaimo 2261
Anderson, Gillian Professor Sociology Nanaimo 2237
Andrews, Amelia Research Employment Community Planning
Apland, Ron Honorary Research Associate Psychology
Avison, Neville Honorary Research Associate Criminology
Barker, Greg Adjunct Faculty Community Planning
Betanzo, Miko Professor Community Planning Nanaimo 2326
Bolin, Inge Honorary Research Associate Anthropology
Bowes, Matthew Professor Geography Nanaimo 2316
Breen, Coralie Adjunct Faculty Community Planning
Burnley, Caroline Professor Psychology Nanaimo 2135
Cake, Dave Chair, Geography and GIS Programs GIS Program Nanaimo 6153
Campbell, Leanne Honorary Research Associate Psychology
Canning, Patrick Limited Term Contract Instructor Criminology Nanaimo 6694
Cooper, Rachel Professor Psychology Nanaimo 2137
Craig, Jessica Technician Geography Nanaimo 2464
Dalton, Zoe Adjunct Faculty Community Planning
Derksen, Linda Professor Sociology Nanaimo 2796
Down, Michael Professor, Criminology Criminology Nanaimo 2797
Falvai, Joanne Professor Criminology Nanaimo 2243