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Area Employees

Social Sciences

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Name Title Department Campus Local
Fredericks, Richard Professor Sociology Nanaimo 2086
Gilchrist, Alan Professor Geography Nanaimo 2624
Govorov, Michael Professor GIS Program Nanaimo 2729
Hannesson, Darren Professor Psychology Nanaimo 2696
Hinbest, Jerry Professor Sociology Nanaimo 2798
Hinbest, Jerry Professor Sociology Cowichan 3539
Holland, Mark Professor Community Planning Nanaimo 2326
Hopwood, Marie Professor Anthropology Nanaimo 6694
Hopwood, David Chair/ Professor Anthropology Nanaimo 2423
Kirson, Ruth Professor Psychology Nanaimo 2258
Kusz, Jennifer VIUFA Summer Session/Field School Criminology Cowichan 3566
Kusz, Jennifer VIUFA Summer Session/Field School Criminology Nanaimo 6694
La Salle, Marina Professor Anthropology Nanaimo 2250
Lafreniere, Sylvie Professor - Department Chair Sociology Nanaimo 2179
Lewis, Jeff Professor Geography Nanaimo 2313
Lim, Imogene Professor Anthropology Nanaimo 2840
MacDonald, Ann Adjunct Faculty Community Planning
Malli, Ruth Adjunct Faculty Community Planning
Marchant, Elliott Professor Psychology Nanaimo 2136
Matheson, Deborah Chair, Dept. of Psychology Psychology Nanaimo 2139